SFF Symposium Preceedings Archive

2017 Table of Contents

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JOM Abstracts
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Scanning Strategies in Electron Beam Melting to Influence Microstructure Development
Diego Bermudez, Cesar A. Terrazas, Philip Morton, and Ryan Wicker
(page 3)

Relating Processing of Selective Laser Melted Structures to Their Material and Modal Properties
Nicholas E. Capps, James S. Urban, Brian West, Cody Lough, Adriane Replogle, Troy Hartwig, Ben Brown, Douglas A. Bristow, Robert G. Landers, and Edward C. Kinzel
(page 17)

Thermal Property Measurement Methods and Analysis for AM Solids and Powders
J. Whiting, B. Lane, K. Chou, and B. Cheng
(page 29)

Prediction of Fatigue Lives in Additively Manufactured Alloys based on the Crack-growth Concept
Aref Yadollahi, Mohammad J. Mahtabi, Haley R. Doude, and James C. Newman Jr.
(page 39)

Fatigue Behavior of Additive Manufactured Parts in Different Process Chains: An Experimental Study
Eckart Uhlmann, Georg Gerlitzky, and Claudia Fleck
(page 48)

Effect of Process Parameter Variation on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Additively Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V
Jonathan Pegues, Kelvin Leung, Azadeh Keshtgar, Luca Airoldi, Nicole Apetre, Nagaraja Iyyer, and Nima Shamsaei
(page 61)

T.C. Dzogbewu, I. Yadroitsev, P. Krakhmalev, I. Yadroitsava, and A. Du Plessis
(page 75)

Efficient Fabrication of Ti6Al4V Alloy by Means of Multi-laser Beam Selective Laser Melting
Fangzhi Li, Zemin Wang, and Xiaoyan Zeng
(page 97)

Effect of Heat Treatment and Hot Isostatic Pressing on the Morphology and Size of Pores in Additive Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V Parts
Bin Zhang, Kyungmin Ham, Shuai Shao, Nima Shamsaei, and Scott M. Thompson
(page 107)

Effects of Build Orientation on Fatigue Performance of Ti-6Al-4V Parts Fabricated via Laser-based Powder Bed Fusion
Brian Torries, Nima Shamsaei, and Scott Thompson
(page 115)

Effect of Specimen Surface Area Size on Fatigue Strength of Additively Manufactured Ti-Al-4V Parts
Jonathan Pegues, Michael Roach, R. Scott Williamson, and Nima Shamsaei
(page 122)

Small-scale Mechanical Properties of Additively Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V
M. Haghshenas, O. Totuk, M. Masoomi, S.M. Thompson, and N. Shamsaei
(page 134)

Design and Fabrication of Functionally Graded Material from Ti to -TiAl by Laser Metal Deposition
Xueyang Chen, Lei Yan, Joe Newkirk, and Frank Liou
(page 148)

Tailoring Commercially Pure Titanium Using Mo2C During Selective Laser Melting
X.P. Li, S. Dadbakhsh, K. Vanmeensel, J. Vleugels, J. Van Humbeeck, and J.P. Kruth
(page 160)

Characterization of MAR-M247 Deposits Fabricated through Scanning Laser Epitaxy (SLE)
Amrita Basak and Suman Das
(page 167)

Mechanical Assessment of a LPBF Nickel Superalloy using the Small Punch Test Method
S. J. Davies, S. P. Jeffs, R. J. Lancaster, G. Baxter
(page 178)

Effects of Processing Parameters on the Mechanical Properties of CMSX-4® Additively Fabricated through Scanning Laser Epitaxy (SLE)
Amrita Basak, Kyriaki Kalaitzidou, and Suman Das
(page 186)

Effect of Heat Treatment on the Microstructures of CMSX-4® Processed through Scanning Laser Epitaxy (SLE)
Amrita Basak and Suman Das
(page 193)

On the Use of X-ray Computed Tomography for Monitoring the Failure of a Two-bar Small Specimen Manufactured by Selective Laser Melting
C. J. Hyde, Z. Xu, A. Thompson, R. K. Leach, I. Maskery, C. J. Tuck, and A. T. Clare
(page 204)

Laser powder bed fusion fabrication and characterization of crack-free aluminum alloy 6061 using in-process powder bed induction heating
Syed Zia Uddin, David Espalin, Jorge Mireles, Philip Morton, Cesar Terrazas, Shane Collins, Lawrence E. Murr, and Ryan Wicker
(page 214)

Porosity Development and Cracking Behavior of Al-Zn-Mg-Cu Alloys Fabricated by Selective Laser Melting
Ting Qi, Haihong Zhu, Jie Yin, Baijin Chen, Zhiheng Hu, and Xiaoyan Zeng
(page 228)

Effect of Optimizing Particle Size in Laser Metal Deposition with Blown Pre-mixed Powders
W. Li, J. W. Zhang, X. C. Zhang, S. Karnati, and F. Liou
(page 234)

Aluminum Matrix Syntactic Foam Fabricated with Additive Manufacturing
M. Spratt, J. Newkirk, and K. Chandrashekhara
(page 242)

Binderless Jetting: Additive Manufacturing of Metal Parts via Jetting Nanoparticles
Yun Bai and Christopher B. Williams
(page 249)

Characterization of Heat-affected Powder Generated during Selective Laser Melting of 304L Stainless Steel Powder
Austin T. Sutton, Caitlin S. Kriewall, Ming C. Leu, and Joseph W. Newkirk
(page 261)

Effects of Area Fraction and Part Spacing on Degradation of 304L Stainless Steel Powder in Selective Laser Melting
Caitlin S. Kriewall, Austin T. Sutton, Sreekar Karnati, Joseph W. Newkirk, and Ming C. Leu
(page 277)

Influence of Gage Length on Miniature Tensile Characterization of Powder Bed Fabricated 304L Stainless Steel
S. Karnati, J. L. Hoerchler, F. Liou, and J.W. Newkirk
(page 289)

Bonding of 304L Stainless Steel to Cast Iron by Selective Laser Melting
Baily Thomas, Austin Sutton, and Ming C. Leu
(page 307)

Mechanical Performance of Selective Laser Melted 17-4PH Stainless Steel under Compressive Loading
P. Ponnusamy, S.H. Masood, D. Ruan, S. Palanisamy, R.A. Rahman Rashid, and Omar Ahmed Mohamed
(page 321)

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties Comparison of 316l Parts Produced by Different Additive Manufacturing Processes
Mihaela Nastac, Rick Lucas Andrew Klein
(page 332)

A Parametric Study on Grain Structure in Selective Laser Melting Process for Stainless Steel 316
Dongwei Sun, Xuxiao Li, and Wenda Tan
(page 342)

316L Powder Reuse for Metal Additive Manufacturing
B. Sartin, T. Pond, B. Griffith, W. Everhart, L. Elder, E. Wenski, C. Cook, D. Wieliczka, W. King, A. Rubenchik, S. Wu, B. Brown, C. Johnson, and J. Crow
(page 351)

Competing Influence of Porosity and Microstructure on the Fatigue Property of Laser Powder Bed Fusion Stainless Steel 316L
Meng Zhang, Chen-Nan Sun, Xiang Zhang, Phoi Chin Goh, Jun Wei, Hua Li, and David Hardacre
(page 365)

Studying Chromium and Nickel Equivalency to Identify Viable Additive Manufacturing Stainless Steel Chemistries
Zachary T. Hilton, Joseph W. Newkirk, and Ronald J. O’Malley
(page 377)

Investigation of Mechanical Properties for Hybrid Deposition and Micro-rolling of Bainite Steel
Youheng Fu, Haiou Zhang, Guilan Wang, and Huafeng Wang
(page 387)

Process -- Property Relationships in Additive Manufacturing of Nylon-fiberglass Composites using Taguchi Design of Experiments
Kuldeep Agarwal, Matthew Houser, Sairam Vangapally, and Arun Kumar Vulli
(page 399)

Considering Machine- and Process-specific Influences to Create Custom-built Specimens for the Fused Deposition Modeling Process
Christian Schumacher, Volker Schöppner, and Jonas Guntermann
(page 407)

Digital Light Processing (DLP): Anisotropic Tensile Considerations
E. Aznarte, C. Ayranci, and A.J. Qureshi
(page 413)

Determining the Complex Young’s Modulus for Polymer Materials Fabricated with Microstereolithography
C. Morris, J. M. Cormack, M. F. Hamilton, M. R. Haberman, and C.C. Seepersad
(page 426)

Effect of Process Parameters and Shot Peening on Mechanical Behavior of ABS Parts Manufactured by Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
Cody Kanger, Haitham Hadidi, Sneha Akula, Chandler Sandman, Jacob Quint, Mahdi Alsunni, Ryan Underwood, Cody Slafter, Jason Sonderup, Mason Spilinek, John Casias, P. Rao, and M.P. Sealy
(page 444)

Expanding Material Property Space Maps with Functionally Graded Materials for Large Scale Additive Manufacturing
Zeke Sudbury, Chad Duty, and Vlastimil Kunc
(page 459)

Rheological Evaluation of High Temperature Polymers to Identify Successful Extrusion Parameters
Christine Ajinjeru, Vidya Kishore, Peng Liu, Ahmed Arabi Hassen, John Lindahl, Vlastimil Kunc, and Chad Duty
(page 485)

A Viscoelastic Model for Evaluating Extrusion-Based Print Conditions
Chad Duty, Christine Ajinjeru, Vidya Kishore, Brett Compton, Nadim Hmeidat, Xun Chen, Peng Liu, Ahmed Arabi Hassen, John Lindahl, and Vlastimil Kunc
(page 495)

Towards a Robust Production of FFF End-user Parts with Improved Tensile Properties
G. A. Mazzei Capote, A. Redmann, C. Koch, and N. Rudolph
(page 507)

Investigating Material Degradation through the Recycling of PLA in Additively Manufactured Parts
Daniel Tanney, Nicholas A. Meisel, and Jacob Moore
(page 519)

EcoPrinting: Investigating the Use of 100% Recycled Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) for Additive Manufacturing
Mazher Iqbal Mohammed, Anirudra Das, Eli Gomez-Kervin, Daniel Wilson, and Ian Gibson
(page 532)

Microwave Measurements of Nylon-12 Powder Ageing for Additive Manufacturing
N. Clark, F. Lacan and A. Porch
(page 543)

Improvement of Recycle Rate in Laser Sintering by Low Preheat Temperature Process
T. Kigure and T. Niino
(page 550)

Development of an Experimental Lasersintering Machine to Process New Materials like Nylon 6
Johannes Lohn, Christina Kummert, and Hans-Joachim Schmid
(page 557)

Optimization of Adhesively Joined Laser-sintered Parts
T. Fieger, D. Nugara, J. Huebner, and G. Witt
(page 567)

Investigating the Impact of Functionally Graded Materials on Fatigue Life of Material Jetted Specimens
Dorcas V. Kaweesa, Daniel R. Spillane, and Nicholas A. Meisel
(page 578)

Fabrication and Characterization of Graphite/Nylon 12 Composite via Binder Jetting Additive Manufacturing Process
Hadi Miyanaji, Junaid Muhammad Akbar, and Li Yang
(page 593)

Fabricating Zirconia Parts with Organic Support Material by the Ceramic On-Demand Extrusion Process
Wenbin Li, Amir Ghazanfari, Devin McMillen, Andrew Scherff, Ming C. Leu, and Gregory E. Hilmas
(page 605)

The Application of Composite Through-thickness Assessment to Additively Manufactured Parts
Isam S. Bitar, Nesma T. Aboulkhair, and Richard Leach
(page 616)

Tensile Mechanical Properties of Polypropylene Composites Fabricated by Material Extrusion
Narumi Watanabe, Meisha L. Shofner and David W. Rosen
(page 633)

Pneumatic System Design for Direct Write 3D Printing
Noah Holzman and Lorraine Francis
(page 647)

Ceramic Additive Manufacturing: A Review of Current Status and Challenges
Li Yang and Hadi Miyanaji
(page 652)

Recapitulation on Laser Melting of Ceramics and Glass-ceramics
M.X. Gan and C.H. Wong
(page 680)

A Trade-off Analysis of Recoating Methods for Vat Photopolymerization of Ceramics
Thomas Hafkamp, Gregor van Baars, Bram de Jager, and Pascal Etman
(page 687)

Additive Manufacturing of High Entropy Alloys: A Review
Wenyuan Cui, Xinchang Zhang, and Frank Liou
(page 712)

Microstructure and Mechanical Behavior of AlCoCuFeNi High-entropy Alloy Fabricated by Selective Laser Melting
M.N. Zhang, X.L. Zhou, W.Z. Zhu, and J.H. Li
(page 725)

Selective Laser Melting of AlCu5MnCdVA: Formability, Microstructure, and Mechanical Properties
Zhiheng Hu, Haihong Zhu, Ting Qi, Hu Zhang, Changchun Zhang, and Xiaoyan Zeng
(page 733)

Microstructure and Crack Distribution of Fe-based Amorphous Alloys Manufactured by Selective Laser Melting
Yuanjie Zhang, Bo Song, Lei Zhang, Zhiwei Wang, Yusheng Shi
(page 744)

Construction of Metallic Glass Structures by Laser-foil-printing Technology
Yiyu Shen, Yingqi Li, and Hai-Lung Tsai
(page 755)

Building Zr-based Metallic Glass Part on Ti-6AL-4V Substrate by Laser-foil-printing Additive Manufacturing
Yingqi Li, Yiyu Shen, Ming C. Leu, and Hai-Lung Tsai
(page 771)

Optimising Thermoplastic Polyurethane for Desktop Laser Sintering
I.P.F. Richards, T.M.N. Garabet, I.S. Bitar, and F.M. Salmon
(page 785)


Real-Time Process Measurement and Feedback Control for Exposure Controlled Projection Lithography
Xiayun Zhao and David W. Rosen
(page 801)

Optimization of Build Orientation for Minimum Thermal Distortion in DMLS Metallic Additive Manufacturing
Hao Peng, Morteza Ghasri-Khouzani, Shan Gong, Ross Attardo, Pierre Ostiguy, Bernice Aboud Gatrell, Joseph Budzinski, Charles Tomonto, Joel Neidig, M. Ravi Shankar, Richard Billo, David B. Go, and David Hoelzle
(page 820)

Using Skeletons for Void Filling in Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing
Andrew Messing, Alex Roschli, Brian K. Post, and Lonnie J. Love
(page 836)

Implicit Slicing Method for Additive Manufacturing Processes
D.W. Adams and C. J. Turner
(page 844)

Time-Optimal Scan Path Planning Based on Analysis of Sliced Geometry
Yi Xiong, Anke Van Campen, Anje Van Vlierberghe, Karolien Kempen, and Jean-Pierre Kruth
(page 858)

A Slicer and Simulator for Cooperative 3D Printing
Jace McPherson, Adam Bliss, Flora Smith, Edmund Harriss, Wenchao Zhou
(page 870)

Study on STL-based Slicing Process for 3d Printing
Jing Hu
(page 885)

ORNL Slicer: A Novel Approach for Additive Manufacturing Tool Path Planning
Alex Roschli, Andrew Messing, Michael Borish, Brian K. Post, and Lonnie J. Love
(page 896)

Computer integration for geometry generation for product optimization with Additive Manufacturing
T. Reiher, S. Vogelsang and R. Koch
(page 903)

Multi-Level Uncertainty Quantification in Additive Manufacturing
P. Nath, Z. Hu, and S. Mahadevan
(page 922)

Computed Axial Lithography (CAL) for Rapid Volumetric 3D Additive Manufacturing
Brett E. Kelly, Indrasen Bhattacharya, Maxim Shusteff, Hayden K. Taylor, and Christopher M. Spaddacini
(page 938)

Efficient Sampling for Design Optimization of an SLS Product
Nancy Xu and Cem C. Tutum
(page 951)

Review of AM Simulation Validation Techniques
Aaron Flood and Frank Liou
(page 963)

Generation of deposition paths and quadrilateral meshes in Additive Manufacturing
Wang Rui, Zhang Haiou, Wang Guilan, Tang Shangyong, and Li Runsheng
(page 972)

Analytical and Experimental Characterization of Anisotropic Mechanical Behaviour of Infill Building Strategies for Fused Deposition Modelling Objects
Marlon Wesley Machado Cunico
(page 984)

Flexural Behavior of FDM Parts: Experimental, Analytical and Numerical Study
Madhukar Somireddy, Diego A. de Moraes, and Aleksander Czekanski
(page 992)

Simulation of Spot Melting Scan Strategy to Predict Columnar to Equiaxed Transition in Metal Additive Manufacturing
Y.S. Lee, M.M. Kirka, N. Raghavan and R.R. Dehoff
(page 1005)

Modelling Nanoparticle Sintering in a Microscale Selective Laser Sintering Process
Obehi G Dibua, Anil Yuksel, Nilabh K Roy, Chee S Foong, and Michael Cullinan
(page 1018)

Xuxiao Li and Wenda Tan
(page 1030)

Numerical Simulation of Solidification in Additive Manufacturing of Ti-alloy by Multi-Phase-Field Method
Yusuke Shimono, Mototeru Oba, Sukeharu Nomoto, Yuichiro Koizumi, and Akihiko Chiba
(page 1048)

The Effect of Process Parameters and Mechanical Properties of Direct-energy Deposited Stainless Steel 316
Mojtaba Izadi, Aidin Farzaneh, Ian Gibson, and Bernard Rolfe
(page 1058)

Thermal modeling of 304L Stainless Steel Selective Laser Melting
Lan Li, Cody Lough, Adriane Replogle, Doug Bristow, Robert Landers, and Edward Kinzel
(page 1068)

The Effect of Polymer Melt Rheology on Predicted Die Swell and Fiber Orientation in Fused Filament Fabrication Nozzle Flow
Z. Wang and D.E. Smith
(page 1082)

Simulation of Planar Deposition Polymer Melt Flow and Fiber Orientation in Fused Filament Fabrication
B.P. Heller, D.E. Smith, and D.A. Jack
(page 1096)

Numerical Investigation of Stiffness Properties of FDM Parts as a Function of Raster Orientation
Sanchita Sheth, Robert M. Taylor and H. Adluru
(page 1112)

A Two-dimensional Simulation of Grain Structure Growth within Substrate and Fusion Zone during Direct Metal Deposition
Jingwei Zhang, Wei Li, Frank Liou, and Joseph Newkirk
(page 1121)

Numerical Simulation of Temperature Fields in Powder Bed Fusion Process by using Hybrid Heat Source Model
Zhibo Luo and Yaoyao Fiona Zhao
(page 1141)

Thermal Simulation and Experiment Validation of Cooldown Phase of Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
Yi Ji, Samantha Taylor, Scott Fish, and Joseph Beaman
(page 1159)

Numerical Modeling of High Resolution Electrohydrodynamic Jet Printing using OpenFOAM
Maxwell Wu, Patrick M. Sammons, and Kira Barton
(page 1176)

Mesoscopic Multi-layer Simulation of Selective Laser Melting Process
Subin Shrestha and Kevin Chou
(page 1191)

A Study into the Effects of Gas Flow Inlet Design in a Renishaw AM250 Laser Powder Bed Fusion Machine Using Computational Modelling
A.M. Philo, C.J. Sutcliffe, S.Sillars, J. Sienz, S.G.R. Brown, and N.P. Lavery
(page 1203)

Development of Simulation Tools for Selective Laser Melting Additive Manufacturing
Thomas Nolan, Yongsheng Lian, and Mark Sussman
(page 1220)

Machine Learning-enabled Powder Spreading Process Maps for Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM)
Wentai Zhang, Akash Mehta, Prathamesh S. Desai, and C. Fred Higgs III
(page 1235)


Melt Pool Dimension Measurement In Selective Laser Melting Using Thermal Imaging
Bo Cheng, James Lydon, Kenneth Cooper, Vernon Cole, Paul Northrop, and Kevin Chou
(page 1252)

In-process Condition Monitoring in Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF)
Mohammad Montazeri and Prahalada Rao
(page 1264)

Performance Characterization of Process Monitoring Sensors on the NIST Additive Manufacturing Metrology Testbed
B. Lane, S. Grantham, H. Yeung, C. Zarobila, and J. Fox
(page 1279)

Microheater Array Powder Sintering: A Novel Additive Manufacturing Process
Nicholas Holt, Austin VanHorn, Mahsa Montazeri, and Wenchao Zhou
(page 1289)

Fabrication and Control of a Microheater Array for Microheater Array Powder Sintering
Nicholas Holt, Lucas Galvan Marques, Austin Van Horn, Mahsa Montazeri, and Wenchao Zhou
(page 1314)

Initial Investigation of Selective Laser Sintering Laser Power vs. Part Porosity Using In-Situ Optical Coherence Tomography
Adam Lewis, Austin McElroy, Thomas Milner, Scott Fish, and Joseph Beaman
(page 1326)

The Effect of Powder on Cooling Rate and Melt Pool Length Measurements using in situ Thermographic Techniques
J.C. Heigel and B.M. Lane
(page 1340)

Monitoring of Single-track Degradation in the Process of Selective Laser Melting
I. Zhirnov, M. Doubenskaia, and D. Kotoban
(page 1349)

Machine Learning for Defect Detection for PBFAM using High Resolution Layerwise Imaging Coupled with Post-Build CT Scans
Jan Petrich, Christian Gobert, Shashi Phoha, Abdalla R. Nassar, and Edward W. Reutzel
(page 1363)

Selection and Installation of High Resolution Imaging to Monitor the PBFAM Process, and Synchronization to Post-Build 3D Computed Tomography
Jacob P. Morgan, John P. Morgan, Jr., Donald J. Natale, Robert W. M. Smith, Wesley F. Mitchell, Alexander J. Dunbar, and Edward W. Reutzel
(page 1382)

Multisystem Modeling and Optimization of Solar Sintering System
C. Morris, D. Debeau, A. Dressler , and C.C. Seepersad
(page 1400)

Continuous Laser Scan Strategy for Faster Build Speeds in Laser Powder Bed Fusion System
H. Yeung, B. Lane, J. Fox, F. Kim, J. Heigel, and J. Neira
(page 1423)

Influence of the Ratio between the Translational and Contra-rotating Coating Mechanism on Different Laser Sintering Materials and their Packing Density
L. Meyer, A. Wegner and G. Witt
(page 1432)

Thermal History Correlation with Mechanical Properties for Polymer Selective Laser Sintering
Samantha Taylor, Joseph Beaman, and Scott Fish
(page 1448)

Post Processing Treatments on Laser Sintered Nylon 12
B.A. King, A.E.W. Rennie, J.P. Taylor, G.R. Bennett
(page 1464)

Development of an Experimental Test Setup for In Situ Strain Evaluation during Selective Laser Melting
Eckart Uhlmann, Erwin Krohmer, Felix Hohlstein, and Walter Reimers
(page 1472)

In Situ Melt Pool Monitoring and the Correlation to part Density of Inconel \\174; 718 for Quality Assurance in Selective Laser Melting
D. Alberts, D. Schwarze, and G. Witt
(page 1481)

Influence of Process Time and Geometry on Part Quality in Low Temperature Laser Sintering
Yuki Yamauchi, Toshiki Niino, and Takashi Kigure
(page 1495)

Increasing process speed in the laser melting process of Ti6Al4V and the reduction of pores during hot isostatic pressing
D. Ahlers, P. Koppa, F. Hengsbach, P. Gloetter, A. Altmann, M. Schaper, and T. Tröster
(page 1506)

A Method for Metal AM Support Structure Design to Facilitate Removal
Niechen Chen and Matthew C. Frank
(page 1516)

Expert Survey to Understand and Optimize Workpiece Orientation in Direct Metal Laser Sintering
David Hoelzle, Hao Peng, Morteza Ghasri-Khouzani, Shan Gong, Ross Attardo, Pierre Ostiguy, Bernice Aboud Gatrell, Joseph Budzinski, Charles Tomonto, Joel Neidig, M. Ravi Shankar, Richard Billo, and David B. Go
(page 1525)

Fabrication of 3D Multi-material Parts Using Laser-based Powder Bed Fusion
C. Anstaett, C. Seidel, and G. Reinhart
(page 1548)

Melt Pool Image Process Acceleration Using General Purpose Computing on Graphics Processing Units
R. Sampson, R. Lancaster, and M. Weston
(page 1557)

Blown Powder Laser Cladding with Novel Processing Parameters for Isotropic Material Properties
J. Liu, E. Fearon, S.P. Edwardson, and G. Dearden
(page 1572)

Bishal Silwal, Christopher Gerdmann, Stephen Migues, Kamram Kardel, Shaowen Xu, and Andrew Durrence
(page 1585)

Fiber-fed Laser-melting Process for Printing Transparent Glass
John M. Hostetler, Jonathan T. Goldstein, Douglas Bristow, Robert Landers, and Edward C. Kinzel
(page 1594)

Reducing Mechanical Anisotropy in Extrusion-Based Printed Parts
Chad Duty, Jordan Failla, Seokpum Kim, John Lindahl, Brian Post, Lonnie Love, Vlastimil Kunc
(page 1602)

Exploring the Manufacturability and Resistivity of Conductive Filament Used in Material Extrusion Additive Manufacturing
Harry Gao and Nicholas Meisel
(page 1612)

Active-Z Printing: A New Way to Improve 3D Printed Part Strength
Jivtesh B. Khurana, Shantanab Dinda, and Timothy W. Simpson
(page 1627)

A Mobile 3D Printer for Cooperative 3D Printing
Lucas Galvan Marques, Robert Austin Williams, and Wenchao Zhou
(page 1645)

A Floor Power Module for Cooperative 3D Printing
Jacob Currence, Rolando Morales-Ortega, Jason Steck, and Wenchao Zhou
(page 1661)

Changing Print Resolution on BAAM via Selectable Nozzles
Phillip Chesser, Brian K. Post, Randall Lind, Peter Lloyd, and Lonnie J. Love
(page 1684)

Predicting Sharkskin Instability in Extrusion Additive Manufacturing of Reinforced Thermoplastics
Vidya Kishore, Christine Ajinjeru, Peng Liu, John Lindahl, Ahmed Hassen, Vlastimil Kunc, and Chad Duty
(page 1696)

Design of a Desktop Wire-feed Prototyping Machine
Yu-Chuen Chang and Richard H. Crawford
(page 1705)

Process Modeling and In-situ Monitoring of Photopolymerization for Exposure Controlled Projection Lithography (ECPL)
J. Wang, C. Zhao, Y. Zhang, A. Jariwala, and D. Rosen
(page 1718)

Effect of Constrained Surface Texturing on Separation Force in Projection Stereolithography
Haiyang He, Yayue Pan, Jie Xu, and Xiaoming Yu
(page 1735)

Modeling of Low One-photon Polymerization for 3D printing of UV-curable Silicones
Dong Sung Kim, Jakkrit Suriboot, Melissa Grunlan, and Bruce L. Tai
(page 1750)

Effect of Process Parameters and Shot Peening on the Tensile Strength and Deflection of Polymer Parts Made using Mask Image Projection Stereolithography (MIP-SLA)
G. Madireddy, M. Montazeri, E. Curtis, J. Berger, N. Underwood, Y. Khayari, B. Marth, B. Smith, S. Christy, K. Krueger, M.P. Sealy, and P. Rao
(page 1761)

Additive Manufacturing Utilizing Stock Ultraviolet Curable Silicone
Daniel A. Porter, Adam L. Cohen, Paul S. Krueger, and David Son
(page 1771)

Temperature and Humidity Variation Effect on Process Behavior in Electrohydrodynamic Jet Printing of a Class of Optical Adhesives
Patrick Sammons, Sahit Bollineni, Ritika Sibal, and Kira Barton
(page 1784)

Reactive Inkjet Printing Approach towards 3D Silicone Elastomeric Structures Fabrication
A. Foerster, R. Wildman, R. Hague, and C. Tuck
(page 1795)

Magnetohydrodynamic Drop-on-Demand Liquid Metal 3D Printing
V. Sukhotskiy, I.H. Karampelas, G. Garg , A. Verma, M. Tong, S. Vader, Z. Vader, and E. P. Furlani
(page 1806)

Selective Separation Shaping of polymeric material
H. Nouri and B. Khoshnevis
(page 1812)

Selective Separation Shaping (SSS) – Large Scale Fabrication Potentials
Behrokh Khoshnevis, Xiang Gao, Brittany Barbara, and Hadis Nouri
(page 1821)

Mechanical Properties of 304L Metal Parts made by Laser-foil Printing Process
Chia-Hung Hung, Yiyu Shen, Ming Leu, and Hai-Lung Tsai
(page 1833)

Investigation of Build Strategies for A Hybrid Manufacturing Process Progress on Ti-6Al-4V
Lei Yan, Leon Hill, Joseph W. Newkirk, and Frank Liou
(page 1846)

Direct Additive Subtractive Hybrid Manufacturing (DASH): An Out of Envelope Method
Matthew C. Frank, Ola Harrysson, Richard A. Wysk, Niechen Chen, Harshad Srinivasan, Guangyu Hou, and Carter Keough
(page 1853)

Metallic Components Repair Strategies using the Hybrid Manufacturing Process
Xinchang Zhang, Wenyuan Cui, Wei Li, Frank Liou
(page 1862)

Rapid Prototyping of EPS Pattern for Complicated Casting
Ranjeet Kumar, Sajan Kapil, Seema Negi, Nihal Gehlot, Suhas Hurli Gopalakrishna, and K.P. Karunakaran
(page 1877)

5-Axis Slicing Methods for Additive Manufacturing Process
Sajan Kapil, Seema Negi, Prathamesh Joshi, Jitendra Sonwane, Arun Sharma, Ranjeet Bhagchandani, and K.P. Karunakaran
(page 1886)

A Hybrid Method for Additive Manufacturing of Silicone Structures
Farzad Liravi, Varun Jacob-John, Ali Toyserkani, and Mihaela Vlasea
(page 1897)

Analysis of Hybrid Manufacturing Systems Based on Additive Manufacturing Technology
Marlon Wesley Machado Cunico
(page 1918)

Fabrication and characterization of Ti6Al4V by selective electron beam and laser hybrid melting
Bin Zhou, Jun Zhou, Hongxin Li, and Feng Lin
(page 1924)

Development of A Hybrid Manufacturing Process for Precision Metal Parts
Leon Hill, Todd Sparks, and Frank Liou
(page 1935)

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An Online Surface Defects Detection System for AWAM Based on Deep Learning
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Development of Automatic Smoothing Station Based on Solvent Vapour Attack for Low Cost 3D Printers
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Casting-forging-milling Composite Additive Manufacturing Technology
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Design and Development of a Multi-Tool Additive Manufacturing System
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Challenges in Making Metal Large-scale Complex Parts for Additive Manufacturing: A Case Study Based on the Additive Manufacturing Excavator (AME)
Andrzej Nycz, Mark W Noakes , Bradley Richardson , Andrew Messing , Brian Post , Jonathan Paul, Jason Flamm, and Lonnie Love
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Visual Sensing and Image Processing for Error Detection in Laser Metal Wire Deposition
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(page 2034)


Embedding of Liquids into Water Soluble Materials via Additive Manufacturing for Timed Release
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Prediction of the Elastic Response of TPMS Cellular Lattice Structures using Finite Element Method
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Multiscale Analysis of Cellular Solids Fabricated by EBM
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An Investigation of Property Anisotropy of 3D Periodic Cellular Structure Designs
Li Yang
(page 2102)

Modeling of crack propagation in 2D brittle finite lattice structures assisted by additive manufacturing
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Estimating Strength of Lattice Structure Using Material Extrusion Based on Deposition Modeling and Fracture Mechanics
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Controlling Thermal Expansion with Lattice Structures Using Powder Bed Laser Fusion
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Determination of a Shape and Size Independent Material Modulus for Honeycomb Structures in Additive Manufacturing
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Additively Manufactured Conformal Negative Stiffness Honeycombs
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A Framework for the Design of Biomimetic Cellular Materials for Additive Manufacturing
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A Post-Processing Procedure for Level Set based Topology Optimization
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Multi-material Structural Topology Optimization under Uncertainty via a Stochastic Reduced Order Model Approach
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Topology Optimization for 3D Material Distribution and Orientation for Additive Manufacturing
D. Jiang and D. E. Smith
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Topological Optimization and Methodology for Fabricating Additively Manufactured Lightweight Metallic Mirrors
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Topology Optimization of an Additively Manufactured Beam
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Quantifying Accuracy of Metal Additive Processes through a Standardized Test Artifact
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Integrating Interactive Design and Simulation for Mass-Customized 3D-Printed Objects – a Cup Holder Example
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High-resolution Electrohydrodynamic Jet Printing of Molten Polycaprolactone
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3D bioprinting of scaffold structure using micro-extrusion technology
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Fracture Mechanism Analysis of Schoen Gyroid Cellular Structures Manufactured by Selective Laser Melting
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An Investigation of Build Orientation on Shrinkage in Sintered Bioceramic Parts Fabricated by Vat Photopolymerization
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Hypervelocity Impact of Additively Manufactured A356/316L Interpenetrating Phase Composites
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Understanding and Engineering of Natural Surfaces with Additive Manufacturing
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S. Ramesh, M. Eldakroury, I.V. Rivero, and M.C. Frank
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Binder Jet Additive Manufacturing of Stainless Steel,Tricalcium Phosphate Biocomposite for Bone Scaffold Applications
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Selective Laser Melting of Novel Titanium-Tantalum Alloy as Orthopedic Biomaterial
Florencia Edith Wiria, Swee Leong Sing, and Wai Yee Yeong
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Development of virtual surgical planning models and a patient specific surgical resection guide for treatment of a distal radius osteosarcoma using medical 3D modelling and additive manufacturing processes
Mazher Mohammed, Mark Gerard Ridgway, and Ian Gibson
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Design Optimisation of a Thermoplastic Splint
Angus Fitzpatrick, Mazher Mohammed, Paul Collins, and Ian Gibson
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Reverse Engineering a Transhumeral Prosthetic Design for Additive Manufacturing
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Big Area Additive Manufacturing Application in Wind Turbine Molds
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Design, Fabrication, and Qualification of a 3D Printed Metal Quadruped Body: Combination Hydraulic Manifold, Structure and Mechanical Interface
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Smart Parts Fabrication using Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing Technologies
Mohammad Shojib Hossain, Jose A. Gonzalez, Ricardo Martinez Hernandez, Philip Morton, Jorge Mireles, Ahsan Choudhuri, Yirong Lin, and Ryan B. Wicker
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Design for Protection: Systematic Approach to Prevent Product Piracy during Product Development Using AM
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The Use of Electropolishing Surface Treatment on IN718 Parts Fabricated by Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process
Li Yang, Chris O’Neil, and Yan Wu
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Towards Defect Detection in Metal Slm Parts using Modal Analysis “Fingerprinting”
James Urban, Nick Capps, Brian West, Troy Hartwig, Ben Brown, Robert Landers, Douglas Bristow, Edward Kinzel
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Electrochemical Enhancement of the Surface Morphology and the Fatigue Performance of Ti-6Al-4V Parts Manufactured by Laser Beam Melting
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(page 2516)

Fabrication of Metallic Multi-material Components Using Laser Metal Deposition
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A Modified Inherent Strain Method for Fast Prediction of Residual Deformation in Additive Manufacturing of Metal Parts
Xuan Liang, Qian Chen, Lin Cheng, Qingcheng Yang, and Albert To
(page 2539)

Effects of Scanning Strategy on Residual Stress Formation in Additively Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V Parts
Mohammad Masoomi, Scott M. Thompson, Nima Shamsaei, and Meysam Haghshenas
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How Significant is the Cost Impact of Part Consolidation within Additive Manufacturing Adoption?
A. Stevenson, M. Baumers, J. Segal, and Sarah Macdonell
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Method for the Evaluation of Economic Efficiency of Additive and Conventional Manufacturing
C. Auth, A. Arndt, and R. Anderl
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Integrating AM into Existing Companies: Selection of Existing Parts for Increase of Acceptance
A. Kruse, T. Reiher, and R. Koch
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Ramp-Up-Management in Additive Manufacturing – Technology Integration in existing Business Processes
J. Büsching and R. Koch
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Rational Decision-Making for the Beneficial Application of Additive Manufacturing
Gereon Deppe, Martin Kaesberg, and Rainer Koch
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Approaching Rectangular Extrudate in 3D Printing for Building and Construction by Experimental Iteration of Nozzle Design
Wenxin Lao, Mingyang Li, Lorenzo Masia, and Ming Jen Tan
(page 2612)

Areal Surface Characterization of Laser Sintered Parts for Various Process Parameters
P. Delfs and H.-J. Schmid
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Design and Process Considerations for Effective Additive Manufacturing of Heat Exchangers
Evan Handler, Amanda Sterling, Jonathan Pegues, Huseyin Ozdes, Mohammad Masoomi, Nima Shamsaei, and Scott M. Thompson
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Design and Additive Manufacturing of a Composite Crossflow Heat Exchanger
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Fabrication and Quality Assessment of Thin Fins Built Using Metal Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing
Alexander J. Dunbar, Gabrielle J. Gunderman, Morgan C. Mader, and Edward W. Reutzel
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A Mobile Robot Gripper for Cooperative 3D Printing
Jason Steck, Rolando Morales-Ortega, Jacob Currence, and Wenchao Zhou
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Technological Challenges for the Automotive Series Production in Laser Beam Melting
Felix Haeckel, Maximilian Meixlsperger, and Torsten Burkert
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Qualification Challenges with Additive Manufacturing in Space Applications
Christo Dordlofva and Peter Törlind
(page 2699)

Material Selection on Laser Sintered Stab-resistant Body Armor
Mengqi Yuan, Yi Liu, and Xinming Qian
(page 2713)

Investigation of Optical Coherence Tomography Imaging in Nylon 12 Powder
Adam Lewis, Nitesh Katta, Austin McElroy, Thomas Milner, Scott Fish, and Joseph Beaman
(page 2725)

Powder Bed Fusion Metrology for Additive Manufacturing Design Guidance
Jared Allison, Conner Sharpe, Carolyn Conner Seepersad, and Steven Kubiak
(page 2737)

Geometrical Accuracy of Holes and Cylinders Manufactured with Fused Deposition Modeling
F. Knoop and V. Schoeppner
(page 2757)

New Filament Deposition Technique for High Strength, Ductile 3D Printed Parts
Nicholas Rodriguez and Richard Crawford
(page 2777)

Applied Solvent-based Slurry Stereolithography Process to Fabricate High Performance Ceramic Earrings with Exquisite Details
Jia-Chang Wang and Hitesh Dommati
(page 2790)

Design and Preliminary Evaluation of a Deployable Mobile Makerspace for Informal Additive Manufacturing Education
Swapnil Sinha, Kelsey Rieger, Aaron D. Knochel, and Nicholas A. Meisel
(page 2801)

Comparative Costs of Additive Manufacturing vs. Machining: The Case Study of the Entire Annual Production of Forming Dies for Tube Bending
B. Previtali, A.G. Demir, M. Bucconi, A. Crosato, and M. Penasa
(page 2816)