SFF Symposium Preceedings Archive

2012 Table of Contents

Societal Impact


[Organizing/Advisory Committee]

Additive Manufacturing Education in the UK
Phill Dickensa, Phil Reevesb, Richard HaguecaLoughborough University,
bEconolyst Ltd., cUniversity of Nottingham

Innovative Education in Additive Manufacturing in China
Feng Lin, Lei Zhang, Ting Zhang, Jia Wang, Renji Zhang, Tsinghua

Interactions of an Additive Manufacturing Program with Society
Frank Liou, Ming Leu, Robert Landers, Missouri University of Science and

GT MENTOR: A High School Education Program in Systems Engineering and Additive Manufacturing
David W. Rosen, Dirk Schaefer, Daniel Schrage, Georgia Institute of

Design for Additive Manufacturing Curriculum: A Problem and Project-Based Approach
Christopher B. Williamsa, Carolyn C. Seepersadb, aVirginia Tech, bThe
University of Texas at Austin

Ask Not What Additive Manufacturing Can Do for You…
Ian Gibson, University of Singapore


Carbon nanotube reinforced Polyamide 12 nanocomposites for laser sintering
Jiaming Baia, Ruth D. Goodridgeb, Richard J.M. Hagueb, Mo Songa,
aLoughborough University, bUniversity of Nottingham

Creating Complex Hollow Metal Geometries using Additive Manufacturing and Electroforming
D. L. McCarthy, C. B. Williams, Virginia Tech

UnitCell Based Custom Thermal Management through Additive Manufacturing
Douglas L. Cook, Sam Newbauer, Adam Leslie, Vito Gervasi, Subha
Milwaukee School of Engineering

Conformal Lattice Structure Design and Fabrication
Jason Nguyena, SangIn Parka, David Rosena, Luis Folgarb, James Williamsb,
aGeorgia Institute of Technology, bParamount Industries, Inc.

Lightweight Metal Cellular Structures via Indirect 3D Printing and Casting
Nicholas A. Meisel, Christopher B. Williams, Alan Druschitz, Virginia Tech

Analyzing Product Lifecycle Costs for a Better Understanding of Cost
Drivers in Additive Manufacturing

C. Lindemann, U. Jahnke, M. Moi, R. Koch, University of Paderborn

Selective Area Laser Deposition for Silicon Nitride Joining
Clayton M. Weiss, Harris L. Marcus, University of Connecticut

Novel Integrated FluidPower Actuators for Functional End-Use Components and Systems via Selective Laser Sintering Nylon 12
Jonathon E. Slightam, Vito R. Gervasi, Milwaukee School of Engineering

Experimental Study of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells using a Graphite Composite Bipolar Plate Fabricated by Selective Laser Sintering
Nannan Guo, Ming C. Leu, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Comparison of Compression Molding and Selective Laser Sintering Processes in Development of Composite Bipolar Plates for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
Ehsan Taghipour, Ming C. Leu, Nannan Guo, Missouri University of
Science and Technology

Combining Additive Manufacturing with Computer Aided Consumer Design
Y. Ariadi, R.I. Campbell, M.A. Evans, I.J. Graham, Loughborough University

Extraterrestrial Construction Using Contour Crafting
Behrokh Khoshnevis, Jing Zhang, University of Southern California

Efficient Three Dimensional Modelling of Additive Manufactured Textiles Structures
Guy Bingham, Loughborough University

LongTerm Durability of SLS Polymer Components Under Automotive Application Environment
Manfred Schmida, Frank Woelleckeb, Gideon N. LevyacaInspire AG irpd,
bBMW Group, cIPL

Sterilization of FDMManufactured Parts
Mireya Pereza, Michael Blockb, David Espalina, Rob Winkerb, Terry Hoppeb,
Francisco Medinaa, Ryan Wickera,
 aThe University of Texas at El Paso,
bStratasys Inc.

Establishing the Performance Requirements for Stab Resistant Additive Manufactured Body Armour (AMBA)
A. Johnsona, G. A. Binghama, C. E. MajewskibaLoughborough University,
bUniversity of Sheffield

Vertical and Horizontal Fabrication of Alginate Based Vascular Like Constructs Using Inkjetting
Changxue Xua, Yong Huanga, Roger R. Markwaldb, aClemson University,
bMedical University of South Carolina

Surface Modification of Selective Laser Melted Structures Using Self Assembled Monolayers for Biomedical Applications
Jayasheelan Vaithilingama, Ruth Goodridgea, Steven Christieb, Stephen
Edmondsonb, Richard Haguea,
 aNottingham University, bLoughborough

Creating Implants from Allograft Bone using Subtractive Rapid Prototyping
Matthew C. Franka, Ashish Joshia, Shuangyan Leia, Donald D. Andersonb,
Yuki Tochigib, Thomas D. Brownb,
 aIowa State University, bThe University
of Iowa

The Applications of Additive Manufacturing Technologies in Cyber Enabled
Manufacturing Systems

Sriram Praneeth Isanaka, Frank Liou, Missouri University of Science and

Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing

Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing Research at Loughborough University
Ross James Friel, Russell Harris, Loughborough University

Quantitative Evaluation of Crystallographic Texture in Aluminum Alloy
Builds Fabricated by Very High Power Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing

K. Sojiphana, S.S. Babua, X. Yub, S. Vogelb, aThe Ohio State University, bLos
Alamos National Laboratory-NM

Time Homogenization of Al3003 H18 Foils Undergoing Metallurgical Bonding Using Ultrasonic Consolidation
Deepankar Pal, Brent E. Stucker, University of Louisville

Examination of Build Height in Ultrasonic Consolidation for Foil Width
Specimens Using Supports

James M. Giberta, Daniel T. McCulloughb, George Fadela, Kenneth Johnsonc,
aClemson University, bCorvid Technologies, cSolidica, Inc.

Performance of Stainless Steel AISI 304 Wire Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites Made using Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing in Bending
David Jarrett, James M. Gibert, George Fadel, Clemson University

Fatigue Characterization of Ultrasonic Additive Manufactured Aluminum 3003
Paul J. Wolcott, Marcelo J. Dapino, The Ohio State University

Materials (Metals)

Controlling Phase Composition in Selective Laser Melted Stainless Steels
Thomas L. Starr, Khalid Rafi, Brent Stucker, Christopher M. Scherzer,
University of Louisville

Designing Material Properties Locally with Additive Manufacturing Technology SLM
A.B. Spieringsa, K. Wegenerb, G. Levya, aINSPIRE AG, bETH Zürich

Defect formation in EBM parts built in horizontal orientation
Khalid Rafi. H, Karthik N.V., Thomas L. Starr, Brent E. Stucker, University
of Louisville

FreezeForm Extrusion Fabrication of Functionally Graded Material Composites using Zirconium Carbide and Tungsten
Ang Li, Aaron S. Thornton, Bradley Deuser, Jeremy L. Watts, Ming C. Leu,
Gregory E. Hilmas, Robert G. Landers,
 Missouri University of Science and

Materials (Titanium)

Further Understanding of Ti6Al4V Selective Laser Melting Using Texture Analysis
Marco Simonellia, Yau Yau Tsea, Christopher Tuckb, aLoughborough
University, bUniversity of Nottingham

Influence of HeatTreatment on Selective Laser Melting Products – e.g.

M. Thöne1,2, S. Leuders1,2, A. Riemer3, T. Tröster2, H.A. Richard3, 1Direct
Manufacturing Research Center DMRC, 2Automotive Lightweight
Constructions LiA, 3Institute of Applied Mechanics FAM

Effect of Defects on Fatigue Tests of AsBuilt Ti6Al4V Parts Fabricated by Selective Laser Melting
Haijun Gong, Khalid Rafi, Thomas Starr, Brent Stucker, University of

Prediction of Mechanical Properties of Electron Beam Melted Ti6Al4V Parts using Dislocation Density Based Crystal Plasticity Framework
Deepankar Pal, Nachiket Patil, Brent E. Stucker, University of Louisville

Mechanical Property Evaluation of Ti6Al4V Parts Made Using Electron Beam Melting
H. Khalid Rafi, N.V. Karthik, Thomas L. Starr, Brent E. Stucker, University
of Louisville

Grain Refinement of Freeform Fabricated Ti6Al4V Alloy Using Beam/Arc Modulation
Scott Mitznera, Stephen Liua, Marcia Domackb, Robert Hafleyb, aColorado
School of Mines, bNASA Langley Research Center

Materials (Non-Metals)

Effect of Segregated First and Second Melt Point on Laser Sintered Part
Quality and Processing

Ben Fulcher, David K. Leigh, Harvest Technologies

The Influence of Post-SLS-Build Annealing on Nylon 11 Material Properties
Lauren A. Slattery, Nicole L. Guckert, Courtney E. Shell, Richard R. Neptune,
The University of Texas at Austin

A Comparison of Polyamide 11 Mechanical Properties Between Laser Sintering and Traditional Molding
David K. Leigh, Harvest Technologies

Investigation on PEEK Fabrication Using Mask-Image-ProjectionB-ased

Dongping Deng, Yong Chen, Chi Zhou, University of Southern California

Microstructural Observation and Mechanical Property Evaluation of
Plastic Parts Obtained by Preheat Free Laser Sintering

Toshiki Niino, Hisashi Haraguchi, Yutaro Itagaki, Kentaro Hara, Susumu
The University of Tokyo

LongTerm Ageing Effects on Fused Deposition Modeling Parts Manufactured with Ultem*9085
A. Bagsik, V. Schöppner, E. Klemp, University of Paderborn

Fatigue Characterization of 3D Printed Elastomer Material
Jacob Moore, Christopher Williams, Virginia Tech


Evaluation of a Digitized Splinting Approach with Multiple-Material Functionality Using Additive Manufacturing Technologies
Abby Paterson, Richard Bibb, Ian Campbell, Loughborough University

Reverse Engineering of Materials using Image Processing Methods for CADMaterial Integration
David Rosen, Namin Jeong, Georgia Institute of Technology

Conformed-to-CAD Design SlopedEdge Adaptive Slicing
Mohammad Hayasi, Bahram Asiabanpour, Texas State University – San

Optimization of Supports in Metal-Based Additive Manufacturing By Means of Finite Element Models
Toni A. Krol, Michael F. Zaeh, Christian Seidel, Technische Universität München

Optimization of Strut Diameters in Lattice Structures
Stefan Teufelhart, Gunther Reinhart, Fraunhofer IWU

Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Paste Freezing in Freeze-form Extrustion Fabrication
Mingyang Li, Robert G. Landers, Ming C. Leu, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Theoretical Modeling and Experimental Characterization of Stress Development in Parts Manufactured Through Large Area Maskless Photopolymerization
Tao Wu, Suman Das, Georgia Institute of Technology

Evaluations of Temperature Measurements by Near-Infrared Thermography in Powde-Based Electron-Beam Additive Manufacturing
Steven Pricea, Ken Cooperb, Kevin ChouaaThe University of Alabama,
bMarshall Space Flight Center

Numerical Thermal Analysis in Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing with Preheating Effects
Ninggang Shen, Kevin Chou, The University of Alabama

Computational Modeling and Experimental Validation of Microstructural Development in Superalloy CMSX-4 Processed Through Scanning Laser Epitaxy
Ranadip Acharya, Rohan Bansal, Justin J. Gambone, Paul Cilino, Suman
 Georgia Institute of Technology

A Review of Thermal Analysis Methods in Laser Sintering and Selective Laser Melting
Kai Zeng, Deepankar Pal, Brent Stucker, University of Louisville

Observation and Numerical Simulation of Melt Pool Dynamic and Beam
Powder Interaction During Selective Electron Beam Melting

Thorsten Scharowsky, Andreas Bauereiβ, Robert F. Singer, Carolin Körner,
FAU Erlangen

Process Development

Remanufacture of turbine blades by laser cladding, machining and inprocess
scanning in a single machine

Jason Jonesa, Phil McNuttb, Riccardo Tosic, Clinton Perryd and David
Department of Engineering, De Montfort University,
Leicester, Leicestershire, UK, bThe Welding Institute (TWI), Cambridge,
UK, cManufacturing Training Centre, Coventry, UK, dDelcam plc, Birmingham, UK

MultiMaterial, MultiTechnology FDM System
David Espalin, Jorge Ramirez, Francisco Medina, Ryan Wicker, The
University of Texas at El Paso

Fused Deposition Modeling of Metals
Jorge Mirelesa, David Espalina, David Robersona, Bob Zinnielb, Francisco
Medinaa, Ryan WickeraaThe University of Texas at El Paso, bStratasys

Fast Recoating Methods for the Projection-based Stereolithography Process in Micro-and Macro-Scales
Yayue Pan, Yong Chen, Chi Zhou, University of Southern California

Ceramic-Polymer Additive Manufacturing System for Ultrasound Transducers
Mark Cheverton, Prabhjot Singh, Scott Smith, Kwok Pong Chan, James A.
Brewer, Venkat Venkataramani, 
GE Global Research Center

Examining Variability in the Mechanical Properties of Parts Manufactured by Polyjet Direct 3D Printing
Michael Barclift, Christopher B. Williams, Virginia Tech

First Steps Towards Collaboratively Edited Design for Additive Manufacturing Knowledge
E.L. Doubrovski, J.C. Verlinden, I. Horvath, Delft University of Technology

Proposal for a Standardized Test Artifact for Additive Manufacturing
Machines and Processes

Shawn Moylan, John Slotwinski, April Cooke, Kevin Jurrens, M. Alkan Donmez, National Institute of Standards and Technology

A Designer’s Guide for Dimensioning and Tolerancing SLS Parts
Carolyn Conner Seepersad, Tyler Govett, Kevin Kim, Michael Lundin, Daniel
 The University of Texas at Austin

Combined Build-Time, Energy Consumption and Cost Estimation for Direct Metal Laser Sintering
M. Baumersa, C. Tucka, R. Wildmana, I. Ashcrofta, E. Rosamondb, and R. HagueaaUniversity of Nottingham, bLoughborough University

Integration of a Thermal Imaging Feedback Control System in Electron
Beam Melting

Emmanuel Rodrigueza, Francisco Medinaa, David Espalina, Cesar Terrazasa, Dan Musea, Chad Henryb, Eric MacDonalda, and Ryan B. Wickera,
aThe University of Texas at El Paso, bLockheed Martin Aeronautics

Efforts to Reduce Part Bed Thermal Gradients during Laser Sintering
Mengqi Yuan, David L. Bourell, The University of Texas at Austin

Error Detection in Laser Beam Melting Systems by High Resolution Imaging
S. Kleszczynskia, J. zur Jacobsmühlenb, J. T. Sehrta and G. WittaaUniversity
of Duisburg-Essen, bRWTH Aachen University

An Investigation of the Effects of Quantum Dot Nanoparticles on Photopolymer Resin for Use in Polyjet Direct 3D Printing
Amelia Elliott, Olga Ivanova, Christopher B. Williams, Tom Campbell, Virginia Tech

Thermography for Monitoring Selective Laser Melting Process
Harald Krauss, C. Eschey, M.F. Zäh, Technische Universität München

Characterization of Metal Deposition During Additive Manufacturing of Ti6Al4V
by Arc-Wire Methods

N. P. Hoye, E. C. Appel, D. Cuiuri, H. Li, University of Wollongong

Controlling the Quality of Laser Sintered Parts Along the Process Chain
S. Rüsenberg, R. Weiffen, F. Knoop, H.J., Schmid, University of Paderborn

Effects of Processing on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ti6Al4V
Fabricated using Electron Beam Melting (EBM): Orientation and Location

Nikolas Hrabe, Ryan Kircher, Timothy Quinn, NIST and Medical Modeling