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2021 Table of Contents


Preface xiii

Organizing Committee xiv

2021 SFF Symposium Best Papers xv


Design, Simulation after Experimental Investigation of 3D Printed Mechanical Metamaterials 2
Sunil Magadum, Amol Gilorkar, Deepak M., Rakshith B.S., Navaharsha P, Nagahanumaiah, and Somashekara M.A.

Effect of Voronoi Lattice Geometry on the Fatigue Performance of Ti-6Al-4V 13
S.M. Uí Mhurchadha, S. Marques, L. Givet, and R. Raghavendra

The Anisotropic Yield Surface of Cellular Materials 23
Kaitlynn M. Conway, Zachary Romanick, Lea M. Cook, Luis A. Morales, Jonathan D. Despeaux, Marcus L. Ridlehuber, Christian Fingar, Daquan Doctor, and Garrett J. Pataky

Applied Viscous Thread Instability for Manufacturing 3D Printed Foams 33
B. Emery, D.L. Revier and J.I. Lipton

Machine Learning Derived Graded Lattice Structures 45
J. Wang and A. Panesar

Design for the Additive Manufacturing Process Chain 53
David W. Rosen

Accelerated Corrosion Behavior of Additive Manufactured WE43 Magnesium Alloy 62
Rakeshkumar Karunakaran, Sam Ortgies, Ryan Green, William Barelman, Ian Kobler, and Michael Sealy

Rotational Digital Light Processing for Edible Scaffold Fabrication 72
Alexis Garrett, Arian Jaberi, Auston Viotto, Ruiguo Yang, Ali Tamayol, Ajay Malshe, and Michael P. Sealy

Post-Processing of Additively Manufactured Covid-19 Nasopharyngeal Swabs at Scale 82
K. Rybalcenko, R.E. Charlesworth, L. Folgar, G. Ioannides, and J.G. Crabtree

Optimization of a Worm Gear Assembly Design for Additive Manufacturing 86
D. Borstell and M.-C. Georg

Robotic Applications of Mechanical Metamaterials Produced Using SLA 3D Printing: Cthulhu-Morphic Grippers 101
E. Solomon and W.S. Yerazunis

Pitch Imperfect: Designing 3D Printed Claves to Mimic the Sounds of Their Wooden Counterparts 121
Emmeline Evans and Christopher McComb

Utilizing Additive Manufacturing in Thermoacoustic Refrigeration-Based Atmospheric Water Generation 137
Zaid Almusaied and Bahram Asiabanpour

Simulation of the Laser-Powder Bed Fusion Process for Determining the Effects of Part-To-Substrate Location after Orientation on Distortion in a Connecting Rod 150
Benjamin Weinhold, Blake Heck, Ashton Albright, Keran Wang, Jon-Michael Grote, Emmanuel Adeniji, Mohammad Masoomi, and Scott Thompson

Additive Manufacturing of Si-SiC Cermets for Combustion Device Applications 157
P.P. Radyjowski, D.L. Bourell, D. Kovar, and J.L. Ellzey

Fused Filament Fabrication on the Moon 169
J. Zhang, B. Van Hooreweder and E. Ferraris

Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing of Low Carbon Steel for Casting Applications 170
E.D. Weflen, M.A. Black, M.C. Frank, and F.E. Peters

Impact of Solid Freeform Fabrication in Enabling Design and Prototyping Capabilities for Competitive Robotics Such as World Robotics League, FTC, FRC, WRO Etc 178
Rajeev Dwivedi, Ravi Bhupathiraj, Rohit Bhupathiraju, Anvita Agarwal, Indira Dwivedi, Bharat Dwivedi, and Saketh Nadella

Laser Sintering Design Guidelines for Media Transmitting Components 195
I. Kletetzka, C. Kummert and H.-J. Schmid

A Methodology for the Embedding of Sensors in Components Manufactured Using Metal Laser Powder Bed Fusion 214
S.M. Uí Mhurchadha, M.P. Huynh, P.T. Quinn, I. Tomaz, and R. Raghavendra

Development of a Method to Derive Design Guidelines for Production-Suitable Support Structures in Metal Laser
Powder Bed Fusion 224

S. Lammers, T. Lieneke and D. Zimmer

Enabling Cost-Based Support Structure Optimization in Laser Powder Bed Fusion of Metals 240
K. Bartsch and C. Emmelmann

Evaluation of a Cyber-Physical Attack Effectiveness in Metal Additive Manufacturing by Selectively Modifying Build
Layer Thickness 241

Patricio E. Carrion, Lynne M. Graves, Mark Yampolskiy, and Nima Shamsaei

Additive OS: An Open-Source Platform for Additive Manufacturing Data Management & IP Protection 254
Evan P. Diewald

Configuration Control for Additive Manufacturing Digital Twins 269
D.W. Gibbons and H. Ko

Data Analytics

Bayesian Process Optimization for Additively Manufactured Nitinol 284
Jiafeng Ye, Mohammad Salman Yasin, Muztahid Muhammad, Jia Liu, Aleksandr Vinel, Daniel Silva, Nima Shamsaei, and Shuai Shao

In-Situ Thermographic Inspection for Laser Powder Bed Fusion 297
T. Liu, C.S. Lough, H. Sehhat, J. Huang, E.C. Kinzel, and M.C. Leu

In-Situ Verification of 3D-Printed Electronics Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks 308
Daniel Ahlers

On the Diminishing Returns of Thermal Camera Resolution for PBF Temperature Estimation 319
Nathaniel Wood, Edwin Schwalbach, Andrew Gillman, and David J. Hoelzle

Analyzing Remelting Conditions Based on In-Situ Melt Pool Data Fusion for Overhang Building in Powder Bed Fusion Process 339
Zhuo Yang, Yan Lu, Brandon Lane, Jaehyuk Kim, Yande Ndiaye, and Sundar Krishnamruty

Unsupervised Defect Classification of 2D SEM and 3D X-Ray CT Images from Laser Powder Bed Fusion 352
Andrew Lang, Cesar Ortiz Rios, Joseph Newkirk, Robert G. Landers, James Castle, and Douglas A. Bristow

Automated Anomaly Detection of Laser-Based Additive Manufacturing Using Melt Pool Sparse Representation after Unsupervised Learning 377
Xiyue Zhao, Aidin Imandoust, Mojtaba Khanzadeh, Farhad Imani, and Linkan Bian

Powder Features Affecting Structural after Mechanical Properties of Additively Manufactured Inconel 718: A Machine Learning Analysis 392
M.S. Hossain, D.F. Silva, A. Vinel, J. Liu, and N. Shamsaei

Microstructure after Mechanical Test Data Alignment for Additive Manufacturing Data Registration 409
Shaw C. Feng, Albert T. Jones and Yan Lu

A Deep Learning Approach to Defect Detection in Additive Manufacturing of Titanium Alloys 423
X. Liu and A. Mileo

Dimensional after Surface Characterization

Geometrical Deviations in Additive Manufacturing – Influences on the Manufacturing Accuracy 437
T. Lieneke, S. Lammers and D. Zimmer

Surface Roughness Variation in Laser Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing 458
Rachel Evans and Joy Gockel

Investigations for the Optimization of Visual after Geometrical Properties of Arburg Plastic Freeforming Components 467
F. Hecker, C.L. Elsner, A. Hirsch, and E. Moritzer

Online Geometry Quality Management during Directed Energy Deposition Using Laser Line Scanner 475
Liu Yang, Eden Binega, Jack C.P. Cheng, Ikgeun Jeon, and Hoon Sohn

Location after Orientation Dependency in Surface Roughness of Nickel Super Alloy 625 Parts: Statistical after
Distributional Analysis 484

Saina Abolmaali, Alexander Vinel, Jason Fox, Jia Liu, Daniel Silva, and Nima Shamsaei

Locational Dependency of Additively Manufactured Parts: Effects of Surface Roughness on Fatigue Behavior 494
Seungjong Lee, Muztahid Muhammad, Jingyi Zheng, Shuai Shao, and Nima Shamsaei

An Investigation on the Definition after Qualification of Form on Lattice Structures 506
M. Praniewicz, J. Fox and C. Saldana


Evaluating the Effect of Z-Pinning Parameters on the Mechanical Strength after Toughness of Printed Polymer
Composite Structures 508

Brenin Bales, Tyler Smith, Seokpum Kim, Vlastimil Kunc, and Chad Duty

Effect of Process Parameters on the Vibration Properties of PLA Structure Fabricated by Additive Manufacturing 521
Fangkai Xue, Guillaume Robin, Hakim Boudaoud, Fabio A. Cruz Sanchez, and El Mostafa Daya

Mechanical Properties of High-Performance Plastic Polyether-Ether-Ketone (PEEK) Printed by Fused Deposition
Modeling 534

Zezheng Wang, Michael Runzi, Matthew Gilchrist, and Haijun Gong

Investigation into Laser Sintering of Peek Using Commercially Available Low Powder Bed Temperature Machine 546
Takashi Kigure, Yuki Yamauchi and Toshiki Niino

Predict Adhesive Strength of Repair of Thermoplastic Component Based on Polymer Healing Theory 560
Charul Chadha, Albert E. Patterson and Iwona Jasiuk

Comparison of Component Properties after Economic Efficiency of the Arburg Plastic Freeforming after Fused
Deposition Modeling 575

F. Hecker, C. Driediger, A. Hirsch, and E. Moritzer

Characterizing Internal Porosity of 3D-Printed Fiber Reinforced Materials 585
Frye L. Mattingly, Alan Franc, Vlastamil Kunc, and Chad Duty

The Material Testing of Nanoparticle Doped 3D Printed ABS to Decrease Resistance after Create a Conductive
Pathway 598

Sara M. Damas and Cameron J. Turner

The Effect of Stress Intensity Factor on Fatigue Life of AM Parts Made from Polymer 624
H.H. El Fazani, J.D.A. Coil, R.R. Shah, and J.F. Laliberte

Low Temperature Laser Sintering on a Standard System: First Attempts after Results with PA12 636
D. Menge and H.-J. Schmid

A Control of Surface Quality in Selective Laser Sintering Additive Manufacturing with Reclaimed Polyamide
Materials 645

Feifei Yang, Tianyu Jiang, Xu Chen, Greg Lalier, and John Bartolone

The Influence of Grain Size Distribution of PA12 on Key Steps of the Polymer Laser Sintering Process 657
Jens P.W. Sesseg, Paul Riedmann, Sybille Fischer, and Hans-Joachim Schmid

Printability Assessment of Cellulose-Based Polymer Structures Using Direct Ink Writing 669
Zachary A. Hoopes, Michael L. Karschner, Jocelynn Kelly, William B. Miney, Zoubeida Ounaies, and Amrita Basak

Investigating Thermally Induced Phase Separation as a Composite Powder Synthesis Technique for Indirect Selective
Laser Sintering 678

Patrick L. Snarr, Joseph Beaman, and Derek Haas

Geometry Limitations in Indirect Selective Laser Sintering of Alumina 688
D. Sassaman, M. Ide, J. Beaman, C. Seepersad, and D. Kovar

Creating Conformable Lithium Batteries Using Selective Laser Sintering 702
T. Phillips, C. Milroy, and J. Beaman

Processability of Soda-Lime Glass in Laser-Based Powder Bed Fusion 714
C. Singer, S. Plattb, M. Horn, M. Binder, M. Piechotta, J. Wegner, S. Kleszczynski, C. Seidel, G. Witt, and J. Schilp

Study of Printing Parameters in Binder Jet Additive Manufacturing of Cobalt Chrome - Tricalcium Phosphate
Biocomposite 727

John Ruprecht and Kuldeep Agarwal

Bimetallic Casting for Wear Performance through Infiltration of Additively Manufactured Metal Lattice Structures 742
J.C. Liggett, D.A. Snelling, M. Xu, O.J. Myers, and S.M. Thompson

Characterizing the Internal Morphology of Transition Regions in Large-Scale Extrusion Deposition Additive
Manufacturing 761

James Brackett, Zaky Hussein, Elijah Charles, Tyler Smith, Ahmed Hassen, Seokpum Kim, Vlastimil Kunc, and Chad Duty

Correlating Large-Format AM Print Parameters to Fiber Length and Mechanical Performance of Reinforced Polymer Composites 771
Andrew Rhodes, Roo Walker, Tyler Smith, John Lindahl, Vlastimil Kunc, and Chad Duty

Design after Manufacture of a Continuous Fiber-Reinforced 3D Printed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Wing 780
Dhileep Kumar Jayashankar, Aarthi Devarajan, Guoying Dong, and David Rosen

Recycling Carbon Fiber Filled Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene for Large Format Additive Manufacturing 796
Roo Walker, Tyler Smith, John Lindahl, Christopher Hershey,Vlastimil Kunc, and Chad Duty

Evaluation of Early Fatigue Damage Detection in Additively Manufactured AlSi10Mg 805
Susheel Dharmadhikari and Amrita Basak

Investigation Towards AlSi10Mg Powder Recycling Behavior in the LPBF Process and Its Influences on Mechanical Properties 815
C. Weiss, J. Munk and C.L. Haefner

Fatigue Properties of 3D Printed Maraging Steel 831
Nandhini Raju and David W. Rosen

Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Parts Fabricated with Gas- after Water-Atomized 304L Stainless Steel Powder
in the Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process 842

M. Hossein Sehhat, Austin T. Sutton, Joseph W. Newkirk, and Ming C. Leu

Evaluation of Liquid Doping Methods for Use in Laser Powder Bed Fusion 843
T.M. Davis and N.B. Crane

The Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process Development of 17-4 Ph Stainless Steels with Pulsed-Wave Lasers 860
Evren Yasa, Andac Ozsoy and Erkan Bugra Tureyen

Effect of Powder Characteristics on Tensile Properties of Additively Manufactured 17-4 PH Stainless Steel 870
Arun Poudel, Arash Soltani-Tehrani, Shuai Shao, and Nima Shamsaei

Effect of Heat Treatment on the Tensile Behavior of 17-4 PH Stainless Steel Additively Manufactured by Metal Binder Jetting 879
P.D. Nezhadfar, Benoit Verquin, Fabien Lefebve, Chrstophe Reynaud, Maxime Robert, and Nima Shamsaei

Material Properties of 17-4PH Stainless Steel Fabricated by Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing (ADAM) 891
Nandhini Raju, Peter Warren, Ramesh Subramanian, Ranajay Ghosh, Seetha Raghavan, Erik Fernandez, and Jayanta Kapat

A Comparative Study on the Microstructure after Texture Evolution of L-PBF after LP-DED 17-4 PH Stainless Steel
during Heat Treatment 902

P.D. Nezhadfar, Paul R. Gradl, Shuai Shao, and Nima Shamsaei

Linear Elastic Finite Element Calculations of Short Cracks Initiated from the Defects: Effect of Defect Shape
after Size 915

Arun Poudel, Nima Shamsaei and Shuai Shao

Additively Manufactured Hastelloy-X: Effect of Post-Process Heat Treatment on Microstructure after Mechanical Properties 923
Muztahid Muhammad, Reza Ghiaasiaan, Paul R. Gradl, Andre Schobel, Donald Godfrey, Shuai Shao, and Nima Shamsaei

Additively Manufactured Haynes 230 by Laser Powder Directed Energy Deposition (LP-DED): Effect of Heat
Treatment on Microstructure after Tensile Properties 935

Muztahid Muhammad, Reza Ghiaasiaan, Paul R. Gradl, Shuai Shao, and Nima Shamsaei

Powder Reuse Effects on the Tensile Behavior of Additively Manufactured Inconel 718 Parts 948
Arash Soltani-Tehrani, Nima Shamsaei, Adapa Venkata Surya, Jaikp Mallory, and Ramesh Ramakrishnan

Direct Selective Laser Synthesis of Cucrfenitial High Entropy Alloy from Elemental Powders through Selective Laser Melting 958
Joni Dhar, Lazaro Lopez, Shanshan Zhang, Ben Xu, Jasim Uddin, and Jianzhi Li

Investigation on the Properties of Reinforced In718 Structures Fabricated Using Laser Powder Bed Fusion 968
B.B. Ravichander, B. Farhang, A. Ganesh-Ram, M. Hanumantha, S. Ramachandra, Y. Shinglot, A. Amerinatanzi and N. Shayesteh Moghaddam

Investigating the Effect of Heat Transfer on the Homogenity in Microstructure after Properties of Inconel 718 Alloy Fabricated by Laser Powder Bed Fusion Technique 978
B. Farhang, B.B. Ravichander, A. Ganesh-Ram, S. Ramachandra, M. Hanumantha, W. Hall, A. Dinh, A. Amerinatanzi, and N. Shayesteh Moghaddam

Microstructural after Mechanical Characterization of Laser Powder Bed Fusion of IN718 Overhangs 992
M. Hanumantha, B. Farhang, B.B. Ravichander, A. Ganesh-Ram, S. Ramachandra, B.E. Finley, N. Swails, and A. Amerinatanzi

Impact of Porosity Type on Microstructure after Mechanical Properties in Selectively Laser Melted IN718 Lattice Structures 1000
S. Ramachandra, B.B. Ravichander, B. Farhang, A. Ganesh-Ram, M. Hanumantha, J. Marquez, G. Humphrey, N. Swails, and A. Amerinatanzi

Additive Manufacturing of Cu on 316L Stainless Steel via Inconel 718 Intermediate Layers 1011
Xinchang Zhang, Tan Pan, Yitao Chen, and Frank Liou

Effects of Build Orientation after Heat Treatment on Neutron Irradiation Hardening in Inconel 625 Fabricated via Laser Powder Bed Fusion 1026
Mohanish Andurkar, Valentina O'Donnell, John Gahl, Bart Prorok, Tahmina Keya, Greyson Harvill, and Scott Thompson

Effects of Heat Treatment after Fast Neutron Irradiation on the Microstructure after Microhardness of Inconel 625
Fabricated via Laser-Powder Bed Fusion 1036

T. Keya, V. O'Donnell, J. Lieben, A. Romans, G. Harvill, M. Andurkar, J. Gahl, S.M. Thompson, and B.C. Prorok

Residual Stress Measurements via X-Ray Diffraction Cos α Method on Various Heat-Treated Inconel 625 Specimens Fabricated towards Laser-Powder Bed Fusion 1048
Mohanish Andurkar, Toshikazu Suzuki, Masanao Omori, Bart Prorok, John Gahl, and Scott Thompson

Effects of Stripe Width on the Porosity after Mechanical Performance of Additively Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V Parts 1061
Arash Soltani-Tehrani, Mohammad Salman Yasin, Shuai Shao, and Nima Shamsaei

A Comparative after Experimental Study on the Effect of Heat Treatment Cycles for PBF Ti6Al4V 1076
M. Karasoglu, E. Yasaꝭ, E. Tan, and A. Yağmur

Effects of Powder Reuse after Spatial Location Dependency on the Powder Characteristics after Defect Structure of Additively Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V Parts 1093
Arash Soltani-Tehrani, Mohammad Salman Yasin, Shuai Shao, and Nima Shamsaei

Challenges during Laser Powder Bed Fusion of a Near-Alpha Titanium Alloy - Ti-6242Si 1104
Sagar Patel, Mohsen Keshavarz and Mihaela Vlasea

Study of Spatter Formation after Effect of Anti-Spatter Liquid in Laser Powder Bed Fusion Processed Ti-6Al-4V
Samples 1118

A. Ganesh-Ram, M. Hanumantha, B.B. Ravichander, B. Farhang, S. Ramachandra, N. Shayesteh Moghaddam, and A. Amerinatanzi

Particle-Melt Pool Interactions in Multi-Material Laser Based Directed Energy Deposition 1127
R. Sellers, B. Gould and S. Wolff

Methods of Automating the Laser-Foil-Printing Additive Manufacturing Process 1142
Tunay Turk, Chia-Hung Hung, M. Hossein Sehhat, and Ming C. Leu

Preliminary Study on Machining of Additively Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V 1154
Jay K. Raval, Aamer A. Kazi, Xiangyu Guo, Ryan Zvanut, Chabum Lee, and Bruce L. Tai


Truss-Type Support Structures for SLM 1156
Subodh C. Subedi, Dan J. Thoma, and Krishnan Suresh

Physical Deposition Profile Based Toolpath Generation after Optimization for Additive Volume Building in Hybrid
Additive Manufacturing 1167

Zhen Hong, Zhiping Wang, Sihao Deng, Yicha Zhang, and Alain Bernard

A Novel Knowledge-Based Toolpath Constructive Approach for Designing High-Precision Graded Lattice Structures 1185
Z. Wang, Y. Zhang and A. Bernard

An Efficient Layer Construction Method to Generate Accurate Printing Toolpaths of Periodic Cellular Structures for Selective Laser Melting Process 1202
S.J. Tan, X. Zhang, L.P. Ding, and Y.C. Zhang

A Roadmap towards s Parallel Printing for Desktop 3D Printers 1217
Molly Aubrey Carton, Chandrakana Nandi, Adam Anderson, Haisen Zhao, Eva Darulova, Dan Grossman, Jeffrey Ian Lipton, Adriana Schulz, and Zachary Tatlock

ORNL Slicer 2.0: Towards s a New Slicing Paradigm 1231
Michael Borish and Alex Roschli

Support-Free Hollowing for 3+2-Axis Additive Manufacturing 1243
Chen Lufeng and Liu Ruosong

Adaptive Voxelization for Rapid Projection Generation in Computed Axial Lithography 1255
Kevin Coulson, Joseph Toombs, Magnus Gu, and Hayden Taylor

Investigation after Modeling of the Residence Time Dependent Material Degradation in the Arburg Plastic
Freeforming 1268

F. Hecker, A. Hirsch and E. Moritzer

Manufacturability Analysis of Crumple-Formed Geometries through Reduced Order Models 1276
Olivia Trautschold and Andy Dong

Physical Modeling

Inference of Metal Additive Manufacturing Process States via Deep Learning Techniques 1295
Richard Anarfi, Benjamin Kwapong, Kenneth Fletcher, Todd Sparks, Aaron Flood, and Mugdha Joshi

Initial Development of a Simulation Model of a Radiation-Based Print Heating System for Fused Deposition
Modeling 1309

Daniel S Collins and Cameron Turner

Thermal Modeling of Fiber Optic Embedment in Metal Additive Manufacturing 1318
Elias Snider, Michelle Gegel, Ryan Holguin, Cesar Dominguez , John Bernardin , Douglas Bristow, and Robert Landers

Experiment Based Superposition Thermal Modeling of Laser Powder Bed Fusion 1326
Cody S. Lough, Robert G. Landers, Douglas A. Bristow, James A. Drallmeier, Ben Brown, and Edward C. Kinzel

Discrete Element Modeling of Fused Deposition Modeling Process 1334
C. Menezes and C. Turner

Numerical Predictions of Bottom Layer Stability in Material Extrusion Additive Manufacturing 1346
Tusher Mollah, Raphaël Comminal, Marcin P. Serdeczny, David B. Pedersen, and Jon Spangenberg

Using Medial Surfaces to Produce Graded Voronoi Cell Infill Structures for 3D Printed Objects 1347
T. Williams, D. Storti and M. Ganter

Finite Element Simulation of Direct Deposition Additive Manufacturing for Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics 1366
Zhaogui Wang, Zhenyu Fang and Douglas E. Smith

A Periodic Homogenization Model Including Porosity to Predict Elastic Properties of 3D-Printed Continuous Carbon
Fiber-Reinforced Composites 1378

V. Marchal, F. Peyraut, Y. Zhang, and N. Labed

Effects of Local Fiber Orientation State on Thermal-Mechanical Behaviors of Composite Parts Made by Large Area
Polymer Deposition Additive Manufacturing 1389

Zhaogui Wang, Zhenyu Fang and Douglas E. Smith

Physical Modeling: Simulation of Micro-Void Development within Large Scale Polymer Composite Deposition Beads 1402
Aigbe Awenlimobor, Zhaogui Wang and Douglas E. Smith

A Method of Predicting Powder Flowability for Selective Laser Sintering 1417
D. Sassaman, T. Phillips, J. Beaman, C. Milroy, and M. Ide

Process Development

A Data Integration Framework for Additive Manufacturing Big Data Management 1419
Milica Perišić, Dimitrije Milenković, Yan Lu, Albert Jones, Nenad Ivezić, and Boonserm Kulvatunyou

Image Registration after Matching Error in 2D after 3D for Laser Powder Bed Fusion 1431
Andrew Lang, Cesar Ortiz Rios, Joseph Newkirk, Robert G. Landers, James Castle, and Douglas A. Bristow

Powder Spread Process Monitoring in Polymer Laser Sintering after Its Influences on Part Properties 1454
Helge Klippstein, Florian Heiny, Nagaraju Pashikanti, Monika Gessler, and Hans-Joachim Schmid

Design after Implementation of Laser Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing Testbed Control Software 1455
Ho Yeung, Keely Hutchinson and Dong Lin

Øgon, a Revolutionary New Lens Free Optical Scanner (LFOS) for Additive Manufacturing (AM) 1474
C. Bibas

A TRIZ-Based Analysis of the Fundamental Limits of Fused Filament Fabrication 1493
J. M. Weaver and C. Patterson

Feasibility Study of Large-Format, Freeform 3D Printing for On-Orbit Additive Manufacturing 1508
D. Jonckers, O. Tauscher, E. Stolly, and A. Thakur

Variable Extrusion Width for Interlocking Features in Fused Filament Fabrication 3D Printing 1527
Osama Habbal, Georges Ayoub and Christopher Pannier

Review of Current Problems after Developments in Large Area Additive Manufacturing (LAAM) 1539
Tyler G. Crisp and Jason M. Weaver

Geometrical Analysis of Simple Contours Deposited by a 3D Printing Hexacopter 1549
Alexander Nettekovena, Nicholas Frankenb and Ufuk Topcu

Material Characterization of Diversely Aggregated Cementitious Materials Produced with a Modular 1 Lightweight
Additive Manufacturing Extrusion System 1553

Mehrab Nodehi, Bahram Asiabanpour, Liam Omer, and Togay Ozbakkaloglu

Vibration-Actuated Powder Dispensing for Directed Energy Deposition Systems 1574
Andrew Greeley and Denis Cormier

Multiple-Material Powder Bed Fusion Machine Development: Reducing Cross-Contamination between Materials 1582
Scott E. Snarr, Andres Najera, Joseph Beaman Jr., and Derek Haas

Multi-Track Geometry Prediction in Powder Fed Laser Additive Manufacturing Using Machine Learning 1596
L. Botelho, R.H. van Blitterswijk and A. Khajepour

Laser Powder Bed Fusion of Stainless Steel 316L Using a Flexible Dual Fiber Laser Array 1608
T. Lantzsch, T. Westphalen, C. Tenbrock, M. Traub, and C. L. Haefner

Static Liquid Interface to Reduce Support Structure Necessity in Top-Down Stereolithography 1618
Nicholas Mulka, Tarun Goyal, Amit Jariwala, and David Rosen

Mechanical Behavior of ABS after Interlayer Ultrasonic Peening Printed by Fused Filament Fabrication 1633
Manon Guivier, Jesse Kuebler, Trevor Swanson, Christopher Lawson, Lucia Fernandez-Ballester, Mehrdad Negahban, and Michael P. Sealy

Abrasive Flow Machining of Additively Manufactured Titanium: Thin Walls after Internal Channels 1646
S.S. Jalui, T.J. Spurgeon, E.R. Jacobs, A. Chatterjee, T. Stecko, and G.P. Manogharan

Effects of In-Situ Mechanical after Chemical Polishing on Surface Topography of Additively Manufactured
Fiber-Reinforced Polymers 1661

Aman Nigam and Bruce L. Tai

Mechanical Interface for Iterative Hybrid Additive after Subtractive Manufacturing 1676
E. D. Weflen, M. C. Ginther, M. A. Eldakroury, and M. C. Frank

The Role of Interface in Additively Manufactured Interpenetrating Composites 1683
J. Allen, J. Cheng, X. Hu, D.A. Splitter, M. Gussev, and A. Shyam

Effects of Centrifugal Disc Finishing for Surface Improvements in Additively Manufactured Gears 1698
Foxian Fan, Nicholas Soares, Sagar Jalui, Aaron Isaacson, Aditya Savla, Guha Manogharan, and Tim Simpson