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2018 Table of Contents

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Papers to Journals
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Using Additive Manufacturing as a Pathway to Change the Qualification Paradigm
R. A. Roach, J. E. Bishop, K. Johnson, T. Rodgers, B. L. Boyce, L. Swiler, B. van Bloemen, Waanders, M. Chandross, D. Kammler, D. Balch, B. Jared, M. J. Martinez, N. Leathe, and K. Ford
(page 3)

Technology Integration into Existing Companies
J. Rohde, C. F. Lindemann, U. Jahnke, A. Kruse, and -Ing. R. Koch
(page 14)

Lattice Design Optimization: Crowdsourcing Ideas in the Classroom
Dhruv Bhate
(page 32)

Education of Additive Manufacturing – An Attempt to Inspire Research
Li Yang
(page 44)

Printing Orientation and How Implicit It Is
Juan Granizo, Cassandra Gribbins, and Heidi Steinhauer
(page 55)

Method for a Software-Based Design Check of Additively Manufactured Components
J. Tominski, S. Lammers, C. Wulf, and D. Zimmer
(page 69)

The Recycling of E-Waste ABS Plastics by Melt Extrusion and 3D Printing Using Solar Powered Devices as a Transformative Tool for Humanitarian Aid
Mazher Iqbal Mohammed, Daniel Wilson, Eli Gomez-Kervin, Callum Vidler, Lucas Rosson, and Johannes Long
(page 80)


Evaluating the Surface Finish of A356-T6 Cast Parts from Additively Manufactured Sand Molds
Caitlyn Rodomsky and Brett Conner
(page 95)

Economies of Complexity of 3D Printed Sand Molds for Casting
Ashley Martof, Ram Gullapalli, Jon Kelly, Allison Rea, Brandon Lamoncha, Jason M. Walker, Brett Conner, and Eric MacDonald
(page 117)

Mitigating Distortion During Sintering of Binder Jet Printed Ceramics
Lynnora O. Grant, Magdi B. Alameen, J. Reid Carazzone, C. Fred Higgs III, and Zachary C. Cordero
(page 135)

Binder Jetting of High Temperature and Thermally Conductive (Aluminum Nitride) Ceramic
Carlos A. Diaz-Moreno, C. Rodarte, S. Ambriz, D. Bermudez, D. Roberson, C. Terrazas, D. Espalin, R. Ferguson, E. Shafirovich, Y. Lin, and Ryan B. Wicker
(page 143)

Binder Jetting Additive Manufacturing of Water-Atomized Iron
I. Rishmawi, M. Salarian, and M. Vlasea
(page 160)


Effects of Thermal Camera Resolution on Feature Extraction in Selective Laser Melting
Xin Wang, Cody S. Lough, Douglas A. Bristow, Robert G. Landers, and Edward C. Kinzel
(page 173)

Artificial Intelligence-Enhanced Multi-Material Form Measurement for Additive Materials
P. Stavroulakis, O. Davies, G. Tzimiropoulos, and R. K. Leach
(page 187)

Machine Learning for Modeling of Printing Speed in Continuous Projection Stereolithography
Haiyang He, Yang Yang, and Yayue Pana
(page 195)

Curvature-Based Segmentation of Powder Bed Point Clouds for In-Process Monitoring
Andrew Chung Chee Law, Nicholas Southon, Nicola Senin, Petros Stavroulakis, Richard Leach, Ruth Goodridge, and Zhenyu Kong
(page 212)

Nondestructive Micro-CT Inspection of Additive Parts: How to Beat the Bottlenecks
Anton du Plessis, Ina Yadroitsava, and Igor Yadroitsev
(page 227)

Non-Destructive Characterization of Additively Manufactured Components Using X-Ray Micro-Computed
Stefan Dietrich, Lukas Englert, and Pascal Pinter
(page 241)

Precision Enhancement of 3D Printing via In Situ Metrology
L. Li, R. McGuan, P. Kavehpour, and R. N. Candler
(page 251)

Layer-Wise Profile Monitoring of Laser-Based Additive Manufacturing
Seyyed Hadi Seifi, Wenmeng Tian, Haley Doude, Mark A. Tschopp, and Linkan Bian
(page 261)

Correlative Beam Path and Pore Defect Space Analysis for Modulated Powder Bed Laser Fusion Process
Deniz Sera Ertay, Henry Ma, and Mihaela Vlasea
(page 272)


Characterization of High-Deposition Polymer Extrusion in Hybrid Manufacturing
Jason Weaver and Jason Jones
(page 287)

Mechanical Properties Evaluation of Ti-6Al-4V Thin-Wall Structure Produced by a Hybrid Manufacturing Process
Lei Yan, Wenyuan Cui, Joseph W. Newkirk, Frank Liou, Eric E. Thomas, Andrew H. Baker, and James B. Castle
(page 291)

Development of Pre-Repair Machining Strategies for Laser-Aided Metallic Component Remanufacturing
Xinchang Zhang, Wenyuan Cui, Leon Hill, Wei Li, and Frank Liou
(page 302)

Viscosity Control of Pseudoplastic Polymer Mixtures for Applications in Additive Manufacturing
Apoorv Vaish, Shien Yang Lee, and Pablo Valdivia y Alvarado
(page 320)

Curing Behavior of Thermosets for the Use in a Combined Selective Laser Sintering Process of Polymers
K. Wudy and D. Drummer
(page 328)

Effect of Porosity on Electrical Insulation and Heat Dissipation of Fused Deposition Modeling Parts Containing Embedded Wires
Kazi Md Masum Billah, Jose Luis Coronel Jr, Ryan B. Wicker, and David Espalin
(page 340)

A New Digitally Driven Process for the Fabrication of Integrated Flex-Rigid Electronics
M. P. Shuttleworth, M. N. Esfahani, J. Marques-Hueso, T. D. A. Jones, A. Ryspayeva, M. P.Y. Desmulliez, R. A. Harris, and R. W. Kay
(page 347)

Hybrid Manufacturing with FDM Technology for Enabling Power Electronics Component Fabrication
Jose L. Coronel Jr., Kazi Md Masum Billah, Carlos F. Acosta Carrasco, Sol A. Barraza, Ryan B. Wicker, and David Espalin
(page 357)

Digitally-Driven Micro Surface Patterning by Hybrid Manufacturing
Matthew A.A. Smith, Nicholas R. Fry, Robert W. Kay, and Russell A. Harris
(page 365)

Potentials and Challenges of Multi-Material Processing by Laser-Based Powder Bed Fusion
M. Binder, C. Anstaett, M. Horn, F. Herzer, G. Schlick, C. Seidel, J. Schilp, and G. Reinhart
(page 376)

A Digitally Driven Hybrid Manufacturing Process for the Flexible Production of Engineering Ceramic Components
J. Hinton, D. Basu, D. F. Flynn, R. A. Harris, and R. W. Kay
(page 388)

Stereolithography-Based Manufacturing of Molds for Directionally Solidified Castings
A. M. Catalanotto, L. G. Ware, J. A. Chagolla, D. H. Suzuki, and Z. C. Cordero
(page 398)

Examination of the Connection between Selective Laser-Melted Components Made of 316L Steel Powder on Conventionally Fabricated Base Bodies
Martin Link, Tobias Haefele, and Eberhard Abele
(page 403)

Characterization and Analysis of Geometric Features for the Wire-Arc Additive Process
Christopher Masuo, Andrzej Nycz, Mark W. Noakes, and Lonnie J. Love
(page 411)


Effect of Inter-Layer Cooling Time on Distortion and Mechanical Properties in Metal Additive Manufacturing
Y.K. Bandari, Y.S. Lee, P. Nandwana, B.S. Richardson, A.I. Adediran, and L.J. Love
(page 425)

Effect of Shield Gas on Surface Finish of Laser Powder Bed Produced Parts
Colt Montgomery, Christopher Farnin, Greg Mellos, Michael Brand, Robin Pacheco, and John Carpenter
(page 438)

Material Characterization for Lightweight Thin Wall Structures Using Laser Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing
Sean Dobson, Yan Wu, and Li Yang
(page 445)

Metal Additive Manufacturing in the Oil and Gas Industry
L. Vendra and A. Achanta
(page 454)

Development of a Customized CPAP Mask Using Reverse Engineering and Additive Manufacturing
Zhichao Ma, Javier Munguia, Philip Hyde, and Michael Drinnan
(page 461)

Multimaterial Aerosol Jet Printing of Passive Circuit Elements
S.J. Johannes, D.M. Keicher, J.M. Lavin, E.B. Secor, S.R. Whetten, and M. Essien
(page 473)

Additive Manufacturing of Liners for Shaped Charges
Jason Ho, Cody S. Lough, Phillip Mulligan, Edward C. Kinzel, and Catherine E. Johnson
(page 479)

An Aerospace Integrated Component Application Based on Selective Laser Melting: Design, Fabrication and Fe Simulation
Fei Liu, Wang Jingchao, Tan Zhi, Liu Bin, Guo Yue, and David Z. Zhang
(page 488)

Additive Manufacturing of Metal Bandpass Filters for Future Radar Receivers
Bradley Grothaus, Dane Huck, Austin Sutton, Ming Leu, and Ben Brown
(page 500)

Fast Prediction of Thermal History in Large-Scale Parts Fabricated via a Laser Metal Deposition Process
Lei Yan, Tan Pan, Joseph W. Newkirk, Frank Liou, Eric E. Thomas, Andrew H. Baker, and James B. Castle
(page 517)

Design Guidelines for a Software-Supported Adaptation of Additively Manufactured Components with Regard to a Robust Production
S. Lammers, J. Tominski, S. Magerkohl, T. Künneke, T. Lieneke, and D. Zimmer
(page 527)

Increasing Interlaminar Strength in Large Scale Additive Manufacturing
Alex Roschli, Chad Duty, John Lindahl, Brian K. Post, Phillip C. Chesser, Lonnie J. Love, and Katherine T. Gaul
(page 543)

Using Post-Tensioning in Large Scale Additive Parts for Load Bearing Structures
Phillip C. Chesser, Randall F. Lind, Brian K. Post, Alex Roschli, Lonnie J. Love, and Katherine T. Gaul
(page 556)

Precast Concrete Molds Fabricated with Big Area Additive Manufacturing
Alex Roschli, Brian K. Post, Phillip C. Chesser, Matt Sallas, Lonnie J. Love, and Katherine T. Gaul
(page 568)

3D Printed Fastener-Free Connections for Non-Structural and Structural Applications – An Exploratory Investigation
Daniel Delgado Camacho, Patricia Clayton, William J. O’Brien, and Kee Young Jung
(page 580)

Correlations of Interlayer Time with Distortion of Large Ti-6Al-4V Components in Laser Metal Deposition with Wire
Y.S. Lee, Y. Bandari, S. Simunovic, B. Richardson, and M.M. Kirka
(page 606)

Model Development for Residual Stress Consideration in Design for Laser Metal 3D Printing of Maraging Steel 300
Vedant Chahal and Robert M. Taylor
(page 623)

Topology Optimisation of Additively Manufactured Lattice Beams for Three-Point Bending Test
R.Rashid, S.H. Masooda, D. Ruan, S. Palanisamy, X. Huang, and R.A. Rahman Rashid
(page 635)

Morphable Components Topology Optimization for Additive Manufacturing
Y. Xian and D.W. Rosen
(page 648)

Next-Generation Fibre-Reinforced Lightweight Structures for Additive Manufacturing
J. Plocher and A. Panesar
(page 664)

Topology Optimized Heat Transfer Using the Example of an Electronic Housing
Dennis Menge, Patrick Delfs, Marcel Töws, and Hans-Joachim Schmid
(page 687)

Microstructural and Mechanical Characterization of Ti6Al4V Cellular Struts Fabricated by Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing
Cody Ewing, Yan Wu, and Li Yang
(page 698)

Effect of Wall Thickness and Build Quality on the Compressive Properties of 304L Thin-Walled Structures Fabricated by SLM
Myranda Spratt, Sudharshan Anandan, Rafid M. Hussein, Joseph W. Newkirk, K. Chandrashekhara, Heath Misak, and Michael Walker
(page 708)

Mechanical Behavior of Additively Manufactured 17-4 Ph Stainless Steel Schoen Gyroid Lattice Structure
Rakish Shrestha, Amanda Sterling, Brandon Lessel, Nam Phan, Mohammad Reza Vaziri Sereshk, and Nima Shamsaei
(page 716)


An Investigation of the Fatigue Strength of Multiple Cellular Structures Fabricated by Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing Process
Abigail Orange, Yan Wu, and Li Yang
(page 726)

On the Mechanical Behavior of Additively Manufactured Asymmetric Honeycombs
Lucas Casanova, Vineeth Vijayan Anitha, Nikhil Kadway, Arpit Gandhi, Thao Le, Christine Lee, and Dhruv Bhate
(page 738)

Fabrication of Support-Less Engineered Lattice Structures via Jetting of Molten Aluminum Droplets
Dinesh Krishna Kumar Jayabal, Khushbu Zope, and Denis Cormier
(page 757)

Finite Element Modeling of Metal Lattice Using Commercial Fea Platforms
E. Arrieta, Jorge Mireles, C. Stewart, C. Carrasco, and R. Wicker
(page 765)

A CAD-Based Workflow and Mechanical Characterization for Additive Manufacturing of Tailored Lattice Structures
P. Koch, H. Korn, R. Kordass, S. Holtzhausen, C. Schoene, B. Mueller, and R. Stelzer
(page 782)

A Comparison of Modeling Methods for Predicting the Elastic-Plastic Response of Additively Manufactured Honeycomb Structures
Raghav Sharma, Thao Le, Jiaxu Song, Ethaniel Harms, Daniel Sowa, Alex Grishin, and Dhruv Bhate
(page 791)

Numerical and Experimental Study of the Effect of Artificial Porosity in a Lattice Structure Manufactured by Laser Based Powder Bed Fusion
Anton du Plessis, Ina Yadroitsava, Dean Kouprianoff, and Igor Yadroitsev
(page 808)

Size and Topology Effects on Fracture Behavior of Cellular Structures
Yan Wu and Li Yang
(page 821)

Rheological, In Situ Printability and Cell Viability Analysis of Hydrogels for Muscle Tissue Regeneration
Srikanthan Ramesh, Sam Gerdes, Sharon Lau, Azadeh Mostafavi, Zhenyu Kong, Blake N. Johnson, Ali Tamayol, Prahalada Rao, and Iris V. Rivero
(page 835)

Development of a Thermoplastic Biocomposite for 3D Printing
John Obielodan, Joshua Helman, and Andrew Grumbles
(page 847)

Design Rules for Additively Manufactured Wrist Splints Created Using Design of Experiment Methods
S.Kelly, A.M.J. Paterson, and R.J.Bibb
(page 853)


Design and Additive Manufacturing of a Patient Specific Polymer Thumb Splint Concept
Mazher Iqbal Mohammed and Pearse Fay
(page 873)

Mandibular Repositioning Appliance following Resection Crossing the Midline- A3D Printed Guide
Santosh Kumar Malyala, Ian Gibson, Ravi Kumar Y, and Chitra Chakravarthy
(page 887)

A Sustainable Additive Approach for the Achievement of Tunable Porosity
Sharon Lau, Taylor Yeazel, Ana Miller, Nathan Pfister, and Iris V. Rivero
(page 897)

Effects of Electric Field on Selective Laser Sintering of Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia Ceramic Powder
Deborah Hagen, Desiderio Kovar, and Joseph J. Beaman
(page 909)

Fabrication of Ceramic Parts Using a Digital Light Projection System and Tape Casting
X. Wang and D. De Caussin
(page 914)

Slurry-Based Laser Sintering of Alumina Ceramics
Sebastian Meyers, Quinten Feys, Shoufeng Yang, Jef Vleugels, and Jean-Pierre Kruth
(page 922)

Material Properties of Ceramic Slurries for Applications in Additive Manufacturing Using Stereolithography
Erin Maines, Nelson Bell, Lindsey Evans, Matthew Roach, Lok-kun Tsui, Judith Lavin, and David Keicher
(page 932)


Additive Manufacturing of Alumina Components by Extrusion of In-Situ UV-CuredOK Pastes
Lok-kun Tsui, Erin Maines, Lindsey Evans, David Keicher, and Judith Lavin
(page 951)

Mechanical Challenges of 3D Printing Ceramics Using Digital Light Processing
M. A. Roach, D. Keicher, E. Maines, B. Wall, C. Wall, J. Lavin, S. Whetten, and L. Evans
(page 962)

Effect of Laser Additive Manufacturing on Microstructure Evolution of Inoculated Zr47.5Cu45.5Al5Co2 Bulk Metallic Glass Matrix Composites
Muhammad Musaddique Ali Rafique, Milan Brandt, Mark Easton, Dong Qiu, Ivan Cole and Sabu John
(page 971)

Fiber-Fed Printing of Free-Form Free-Standing Glass Structures
John M. Hostetler, Jason E. Johnson, Jonathan T. Goldstein, Douglas Bristow, Robert Landers, and Edward C. Kinzel
(page 994)

Additive Manufacturing of Energetic Materials
M. Chiroli, F. Ciszek, and B. Baschung
(page 1003)

Methods of Depositing Anti-Reflective Coatings for Additively Manufactured Optics
Z.J. Beller, E.B. Secor, J. Lavin, D.M. Keicher, M. Essien, S. Whetten, and S.S. Mani
(page 1012)

A Review on the Additive Manufacturing of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites
Evren Yasa and Kıvılcım Ersoy
(page 1024)

Design and Robotic Fabrication of 3D Printed Moulds for Composites
Rajkumar Velu, Nahaad Vaheed, and Felix Raspall
(page 1036)

Mechanical Property Correlation and Laser Parameter Development for the Selective Laser Sintering of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polyetheretherketone
Scott E. Snarr, Joseph J. Beaman Jr., and Scott Fish
(page 1047)

4D Printing Method Based on the Composites with Embedded Continuous Fibers
Qingrui Wang, Xiaoyong Tian, and Lan Huang
(page 1073)

Fabricating Functionally Graded Materials by Ceramic On-Demand Extrusion with Dynamic Mixing
Wenbin Li, Austin J. Martin, Benjamin Kroehler, Alexander Henderson, Tieshu Huang, Jeremy Watts, Gregory E. Hilmas, and Ming C. Leu
(page 1087)

The Effect of Shear-Induced Fiber Alignment on Viscosity for 3D Printing of Reinforced Polymers
Dylan Hoskins, Christine Ajinjeru, Vlastimil Kunc, John Lindahl, Daniel Moreno Nieto, and Chad Duty
(page 1102)

Processing Short Fiber Reinforced Polymers in the Fused Deposition Modeling Process
Christian Schumacher, Volker Schöppner, and Stefan Gnaase
(page 1112)

Impact Testing of 3D Printed Kevlar-Reinforced Onyx Material
Mackenzie Scrocco, Timothy Chamberlain, Chloe Chow, Logan Weinreber, Edward Ellks, Connor Halford, Pedro Cortes, and Brett P. Conner
(page 1121)

Deposition Controlled Magnetic Alignment in Iron-PLA Composites
Nathan D. Watson and Paris Von Lockette
(page 1145)

Effects of In-Situ Compaction and UV-Curing on the Performance of Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composite Cured Layer by Layer
Shiferaw D. Beyene, Beshah Ayalew, and Srikanth Pilla
(page 1152)

General Rules for Pre-Process Planning in Powder Bed Fusion System – A Review
Tan Pan, Sreekar Karnati, and Frank Liou
(page 1161)

Development of an Engineering Diagram for Additively Manufactured Austenitic Stainless Steel Alloys
Zachary T. Hilton, Joseph W. Newkirk, and Ronald J. O’Malley
(page 1174)

Fatigue Life Prediction of Additively Manufactured Metallic Materials Using a Fracture Mechanics Approach
Brian Torries, Rakish Shrestha, Aidin Imandoust, and Nima Shamsaei
(page 1181)

Characterizing Interfacial Bonds in Hybrid Metal Am Structures
John Linn, Jason M. Weaver, Michael P. Miles, Yuri Hovanski, and Robert Smith
(page 1191)

The Mechanical Behavior of AISI H13 Hot-Work Tool Steel Processed by Selective Laser Melting under Tensile Stress
Mei Wang, Yan Zhou, Q.S. Wei, and Zhunfeng Fan
(page 1204)

Additive Manufacturing of Metal Functionally Graded Materials: A Review
Yitao Chen and Frank Liou
(page 1215)

Understanding Adopting Selective Laser Melting of Metallic Materials
Evren Yasa
(page 1232)

The Effect of Processing Parameter on Zirconium Modified Al-Cu-Mg Alloys Fabricated by Selective Laser Melting
Xiaojia Nie, Hu Zhang, Haihong Zhu, Zhiheng Hu, and Xiaoyan Zeng
(page 1246)

Selective Laser Melting of Al6061 Alloy: Processing, Microstructure, and Mechanical Properties
Jinliang Zhang, Bo Song, Lei Zhang, Jie Liu, and Yusheng Shi
(page 1253)

Small-Scale Characterization of Additively Manufactured Aluminum Alloys through Depth-Sensing Indentation
F. Alghamdi, D. Verma, and M. Haghshenas
(page 1262)

Effects of Process Parameters and Heat Treatment on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Selective Laser Melted Inconel 718
Wenpu Huang, Zemin Wang, Jingjing Yang, Huihui Yang, and Xiaoyan Zeng
(page 1268)

Effects of Design Parameters on Thermal History and Mechanical Behavior of Additively Manufactured 17-4 PH Stainless Steel
Rakish Shrestha, P. Dastranjy Nezhadfar, Mohammad Masoomi, Jutima Simsiriwong, Nam Phan, and Nima Shamsaei
(page 1277)

The Effects of Powder Recycling on the Mechanical Properties of Additively Manufactured 17-4 PH Stainless Steel
Pooriya Dastranjy Nezhadfar, Arash Soltani-Tehrani, Amanda Sterling, Nicholas Tsolas, and Nima Shamsaei
(page 1292)

Mechanical Properties of 17-4 Ph Stainless Steel Additively Manufactured Under Ar and N2 Shielding Gas
Pooriya Dastranjy Nezhadfar, Mohammad Masoomi, Scott Thompson, Nam Phan, and Nima Shamsaei
(page 1301)

Recyclability of 304L Stainless Steel in the Selective Laser Melting Process
Austin T. Sutton, Caitlin S. Kriewall, Ming C. Leu, and Joseph W. Newkirk
(page 1311)

The Influence of Build Parameters on the Compressive Properties of Selective Laser Melted 304L Stainless Steel
O. Fashanu, M.F. Buchely, R. Hussein, S. Anandan, M. Spratt, J. Newkirk, K. Chandrashekhara, H. Misak, and M.A.Walker
(page 1327)

Characterization of Impact Toughness of 304L Stainless Steel Fabricated through Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process
Sreekar Karnati, Atoosa Khiabani, Aaron Flood, Frank Liou, and Joseph W. Newkirk
(page 1336)

Incorporation of Automated Ball Indentation Methodology for Studying Powder Bed Fabricated 304L Stainless Steel
Sreekar Karnati, Jack Hoerchler, Aaron Flood, and Frank Liou
(page 1349)

Effect of Powder Degradation on the Fatigue Behavior of Additively Manufactured As-Built Ti-6Al-4V
Patricio E. Carrion, Arash Soltani-Tehrani, Scott M. Thompson, and Nima Shamsaei
(page 1366)

Volume Effects on the Fatigue Behavior of Additively Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V Parts
Jonathan Pegues, Michael Roach, R. Scott Williamson, and Nima Shamsaei
(page 1373)

Effects of Layer Orientation on the Multiaxial Fatigue Behavior of Additively Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V
Patricio Carrion, Aidin Imandoust, Jutima Simsiriwong, and Nima Shamsaei
(page 1384

Ambient-Temperature Indentation Creep of an Additively Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V Alloy
M. Muhammad, M. Masoomi, B. Torries, N. Shamsaei, and M. Haghshenas
(page 1393)

Individual and Coupled Contributions of Laser Power and Scanning Speed towards Process-Induced Porosity in Selective Laser Melting
Subin Shrestha, Thomas Starr, and Kevin Chou
(page 1400)

A Comparison of Stress Corrosion Cracking Susceptibility in Additively-Manufactured and Wrought Materials for Aerospace and Biomedical Applications
Michael Roach, R. Scott Williamson, Jonathan Pegues, and Nima Shamsaei
(page 1410)

Effect of Energy Density on the Consolidation Mechanism and Microstructural Evolution of Laser Cladded Functionally-Graded Composite Ti-Al System
E.O. Olakanmi, M. Sepako, J. Morake, S. Kutua, S.E. Hoosain, and S.L. Pityana
(page 1422)

Mechanical Properties of Zr-Based Bulk Metallic Glass Parts Fabricated by Laser-Foil-Printing Additive Manufacturing
Yingqi Li, Ming C. Leu, and Hai-Lung Tsai
(page 1441)

Experimental Characterization of Direct Metal Deposited Cobalt-Based Alloy on Tool Steel for Component Repair
Xinchang Zhang, Tan Pan, Wei Li, and Frank Liou
(page 1451)

PEEK High Performance Fused Deposition Modeling Manufacturing with Laser In-Situ Heat Treatment
M. Luo, X. Tian, J. Shang, W. Zhu, and D. Li
(page 1466)

A Comparative Investigation of Sintering Methods for Polymer 3D Printing Using Selective Separation Shaping (SSS)
H. Nouri and B. Khoshnevis
(page 1474)

Not Just Nylon... Improving the Range of Materials for High Speed Sintering
R. Brown, C.T. Morgan, and C.E. Majewski
(page 1487)

Material Property Changes in Custom-Designed Digital Composite Structures Due to Voxel Size
Dorcas V. Kaweesa and Nicholas A. Meisel
(page 1499)

Quantifying the Effect of Embedded Component Orientation on Flexural Properties in Additively Manufactured Structures
Swapnil Sinha and Nicholas A. Meisel
(page 1511)

Influences of Printing Parameters on Semi-Crystalline Microstructure of Fused Filament Fabrication Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) Components
Niknam Momenzadeh and Thomas A. Berfield
(page 1528)

Effects of Build Parameters on the Mechanical and Di-Electrical Properties of AM Parts
Sai Sri Nidhi Munaganuru, Muthu Ram Prabhu Elenchezhian, Vamsee Vadlamudi, Rauhon Ahmed Shaik, Hari Kishore Adluru, Md Rassel Raihan, and Kenneth Reifsnider
(page 1536)

Laser Sintering of PA12/PA4,6 Polymer Composites
D. Strobbe, P. Van Puyvelde, J.-P. Kruth, and B. Van Hooreweder
(page 1550)

Understanding Hatch-Dependent Part Properties in SLS
A. Wörz and D. Drummer
(page 1560)

Investigation into the Crystalline Structure and Sub-Tpm Exotherm of Selective Laser Sintered Polyamide 6
Peng Chen, Shifeng Wen, Chunze Yan, Jie Liu, and Yusheng Shi
(page 1570)

The Influence of Contour Scanning Parameters and Strategy on Selective Laser Sintering PA613 Build Part Properties
C. Kummert and H.-J. Schmid
(page 1582)

Processing of High Performance Fluoropolymers by Laser Sintering
Carlo Campanelli, Ricky D. Wildman, and Christopher J. Tuck
(page 1592)

Reinforcement Learning for Generating Toolpaths in Additive Manufacturing
Steven Patrick, Andrzej Nycz, and Mark Noakes
(page 1612)

Control System Framework for Using G-Code-Based 3D Printing Paths on a Multi-Degree of Freedom Robotic Arm
Andrzej Nycz, Mark W. Noakes, Christopher J. Masuo, and Lonnie J. Love
(page 1622)

Analysis of Build Direction in Deposition-Based Additive Manufacturing of Overhang Structures
Mohammed A. Isa, Ismail Enes Yiğit, and Ismail Lazoglu
(page 1637)

Topology-Aware Routing of Electric Wires in FDM-Printed Objects
Florens Wasserfall
(page 1649)

Using Autoencoded Voxel Patterns to Predict Part Mass, Required Support Material, and Build Time
C. Murphy, N. Meisel, T. W. Simpson, and C. McComb
(page 1660)

Continuous Property Gradation for Multi-Material 3D-Printed Objects
C. Altenhofen, T. H. Luu, T. Grasser, M. Dennstädt, J. S. Mueller-Roemer, D. Weber, and A. Stork
(page 1675)

Convection Heat Transfer Coefficients for Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Mohammad Masoomi, Arash Soltani-Tehrani, Nima Shamsaei, and Scott M. Thompson
(page 1686)

Local Thermal Conductivity Mapping of Selective Laser Melted 316L Stainless Steel
Jacob Simmons, Matthias Daeumer, Arad Azizi, and Scott N. Schiffres
(page 1694)


Finite Element Modeling of the Selective Laser Melting Process for Ti-6Al-4V
Alaa Olleak and Zhimin Xi
(page 1710)

Modelling the Melt Pool of the Laser Sintered Ti6Al4V Layers with Goldak’S Double-Ellipsoidal Heat Source
E. Soylemez
(page 1721)

A Novel Microstructure Simulation Model for Direct Energy Deposition Process
Jinghao Li, Zhibo Luo, Xiaoyi Guan, Xianglin Zhou, Mathieu Brochu, and Yaoyao Fiona Zhao
(page 1737)

Influence of Grain Size and Shape on Mechanical Properties of Metal Am Materials
R. Saunders, A. Achuthan, A. Iliopoulos, J. Michopoulos, and A. Bagchi
(page 1751)

Experimental Calibration of Nanoparticle Sintering Simulation
Obehi G. Dibua, Anil Yuksel, Nilabh K. Roy, Chee S. Foong, and Michael Cullinan
(page 1763)

Solidification Simulation of Direct Energy Deposition Process by Multi-Phase Field Method Coupled with Thermal Analysis
Yusuke Shimono, Mototeru Oba, and Sukeharu Nomoto
(page 1773)


Establishing Property-Performance Relationships through Efficient Thermal Simulation of the Laser-Powder Bed Fusion Process
Mohammad Masoomi, Basil Paudel, Nima Shamsaei, and Scott M. Thompson
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An Investigation into Metallic Powder Thermal Conductivity in Laser Powder-Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing
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Simulation of the Thermal Behavior and Analysis of Solidification Process during Selective Laser Melting of Alumina
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Knowledge-Based Material Production in the Additive Manufacturing Lifecycle of Fused Deposition Modeling
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Development of an Acoustic Process Monitoring System for the Selective Laser Melting (SLM)
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Low Cost, High Speed Stereovision for Spatter Tracking in Laser Powder Bed Fusion
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Multiple Collaborative Printing Heads in FDM: The Issues in Process Planning
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Additive Manufacturing with Modular Support Structures
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3D Printed Electronics
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Fiber Traction Printing--A Novel Additive Manufacturing Process of Continuous Fiber Reinforced Metal Matrix Composite
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Immiscible-Interface Assisted Direct Metal Drawing
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Mechanical Properties of Additively Manufactured Polymer Samples Using a Piezo Controlled Injection Molding Unit and Fused Filament Fabrication Compared with a Conventional Injection Molding Process
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DMP Monitoring as a Process Optimization Tool for Direct Metal Printing (DMP) of Ti-6Al-4V
Nachiketa Ray, Manisha Bisht, Lore Thijs, Jonas Van Vaerenbergh, and Sam Coeck
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On the Influence of Thermal Lensing During Selective Laser Melting
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Development of Novel High Temperature Laser Powder Bed Fusion System for the Processing of Crack-Susceptible Alloys
L. Caprio, G. Chiari, A.G. Demir, and B. Previtali
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Towards High Build Rates: Combining Different Layer Thicknesses within One Part in Selective Laser Melting
Michael Kniepkamp, Jana Harbig, Christoph Seyfert, and Eberhard Abele
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Laser Heated Electron Beam Gun Optimization to Improve Additive Manufacturing
R. Edinger
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Two-Dimensional Characterization of Window Contamination in Selective Laser Sintering
Doug Sassaman, Peter Hall, Scott Fish, and Joseph Beaman
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Laser Metal Additive Manufacturing on Graphite
Arad Azizi and Scott N. Schiffres
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Predictive Iterative Learning Control with Data-Driven Model for Optimal Laser Power in Selective Laser Sintering
A. Nettekoven, S. Fish, U. Topcu, and J. Beaman
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Realtime Control-Oriented Modeling and Disturbance Parameterization for Smart and Reliable Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing
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Microwave Assisted Selective Laser Melting of Technical Ceramics
Sam Buls, Jef Vleugels, and Brecht Van Hooreweder
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Research on Relationship between Depth of Fusion and Process Parameters in Low-Temperature Laser Sintering Process
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Frequency Response Inspection of Additively Manufactured Parts for Defect Identification
Kevin Johnson, Jason Blough, Andrew Barnard, Troy Hartwig, Ben Brown, David Soine, Tristan Collum, Edward Kinzel, Douglas Bristow, and Robert Landers
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Nanoparticle Bed Deposition by Slot Die Coating for Microscale Selective Laser Sintering Applications
Dipankar Behera, Nilabh K. Roy, Chee S. Foong, and Michael Cullinan
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Fabrication of Aligned Nanofibers along Z-Axis – A Novel 3D Electrospinning Technique
George Z. Tan and Yingge Zhou
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Z-Pinning Approach for Reducing Mechanical Anisotropy of 3D Printed Parts
Chad Duty, Jordan Failla, Seokpum Kim, Tyler Smith, John Lindahl, Alex Roschli, Brian Post, Lonnie Love, and Vlastimil Kunc
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Structurally Intelligent 3D Layer Generation for Active-Z Printing
Jivtesh B. Khurana, Timothy W. Simpson, and Mary Frecker
(page 2413)

microCLIP Ceramic High-Resolution Fabrication and Dimensional Accuracy Requirements
Henry Oliver T. Ware and Cheng Sun
(page 2427)